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Cas Character

Will Noble

Played by Jack Nolan


S33 E29 – S35 E3

Job Title

Consultant in Paediatric Medicine

First Words

In the car park, Archie rushes into a parking space before Will

Archie : Before you start, I’m a doctor, an Emergency doctor and there’s an emergency so I need this space

Will : Okay, you do realise ..

Archie : I know you probably think there’s 101 reasons why you think this is wrong and why you had dibs but the fact is I’m not moving

Will : I was just going to say ..

Archie : Conversation over, deal with it

Will : .. to be careful because you’ve trapped your skirt in the door there!

Last Words

Will : I’ll see you over there yeah

Robyn : Yeah

Will : Yours is a hot chocolate right?

Charlie : Yeah, make it a double!


Charming, flirtatious and laid back, Will has a carefree attitude who gets a thrill of seeing the different people walking into the ED.

On his first shift, Will clashes with Archie and she is put out further when he gets the Consultancy post ahead of her. But later in the series, their friendship mellows and she ends up confiding in him with her concerns about Connie. Archie also supports Will, with a terminally ill patient, Toby who asks him to help him die.

In Series 34, Will is keen on new paramedic Fenisha. However a love triangle occurs, when she finds out she is pregnant after a one night stand with Ethan just before she starts dating Will. Fenisha decides to have an abortion, which she doesn’t go through with and doesn’t tell anyone. Will hopes he is then in with a chance to rekindle their romance, but she refuses.

In Series 35, the team face a tough time during the coronavirus crisis. Will becomes disillusioned with the hospital especially over the lack of PPE and argues with Connie. He finally decides to leave to work as a Pharmaceutical representative. Before he leaves, he asks Fenisha one more time to come with him. This is when he learns she is still pregnant so won’t come with him.

Memorable Moments

  • S33 E29 – Will clashes with Archie on his first shift
  • S33 E32 – Will holds a miniature prom for patient Toby, who is terminally ill and has been readmitted into the ED
  • S33 E35 – After being promoted to Consultant, Will is put in an awkward situation when Toby asks to help him to die, to which he later refuses. Eventually his mother agrees to withdraw treatment on Toby’s wishes and he dies
  • S33 E41Archie confides in Will that it was Connie who made the mistake with a patient, not her
  • S33 E45 – Will tells Archie that he saw Connie taking diazepam in her office
  • S34 E4 – Will suspects Archie has taken matters into her own hands to try and get justice for a wronged patient
  • S34 E15Archie saves a hungover Will from partnering Dylan on his shift and the pair get to work on treating a guest patient
  • S34 E24Will struggles to finish a tedious report for Connie and turns to Lara for help, but he soon learns he should not mix his personal life with his work
  • S34 E28 – New paramedic Fenisha joins the team, and after flirting with Will, the pair agree to go on a date
  • S34 E32 – Fenisha learns that she is pregnant, and when Will insists on knowing more, she reveals that he cannot be the father
  • S34 E33 – Will discovers Ethan is the father of Fenisha’s baby
  • S34 E35 – Ethan pulls Will aside to tell him Fenisha has had an abortion. Thinking she is no longer pregnant, Will asks Fenisha if they have a chance of a relationship, to which she says no
  • S35 E1 – Will complains to Connie about the lack of resources during the coronavirus crisis
  • S35 E2 – Will continues to challenge the hospital’s procedures and disagrees with Connie’s decision to call the police about a child abusing his mother; he then resigns from his job
  • S35 E3 – As Will sets out to leave, he asks Fenisha to come with him and discovers she is still pregnant

Love Interests

  • Lara Stefano
  • Fenisha Khatri

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