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Cas Actor

William Armstrong

Plays Paul Slater

CASUALTY APPEARANCES : William Armstrong has had four other CASUALTY appearances after his regular role; Frank Morrow in S10 E8; Reverend John Bathurst  in S18 E23; Tuttle in S23 E29 and Kelvin Orr in S25 E45.

TELEVISION CREDITS :Bergerac; TECX; Teenage Health Freak; The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles; The Comic Strip Presents; Boon; Full Stretch; Minder; As Time goes By; Soldier Soldier; Waking the Dead; Red Cap; The First Olympics: Athens 1986; Behind Enemy Lines; Danny, the Champion of the World; Capital City; Frankenstein’s Baby; A Murder of Quality; Dominion Tank Police; All in the Game; Glam Metal Detectives; Silent Witness; Riddler’s Moon; Goodnight Mister Tom; RKO 281; Band of Brothers; Anybody’s Nightmare’ Dalziel & Pascoe; Redcap; The Alan Clark Diaries; Doctors; The Brief; The Courtroom; Murder Prevention; The Government Inspector; Murder in Suburbia; Strauss – The Waltz King; The Golden Hour; Spooks; Hollyoaks; Rosemary & Thyme; New Street Law; The Bill; Holby City; The Game’s Up; Taggart; New Tricks

FILM CREDITS : Alien; Riders of the Storm; Hope and Glory; Road; Going Home; Prince; Lazarus; The Point Men; The Fourth Angel; Out of Season; A Sound of Thunder; Derailed; The Wind That Shakes the Barley; La vie en rose;1408; The Broken; The Dark Knight

AGENT : CDA, 2nd Floor, 125 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4TE.


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