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Cas Character

Yuki Reid

Played by Will Sharpe


S24 E1 ‘Dawn of the ED (Part One)’ – S25 E16 ‘Season of Goodwill’

Job Title

F2 Doctor

First Words

Yuki refuses to make a lion roar sound in Adam’s team building exercise. Later as he is being shown around, Yuki is furiously writing notes.

Yuki : What did you say after ‘if you want to be the best?’


Yuki Reid was exceptionally academic in his knowledge of medicine however lacks social confidence. At first viewers are led to believe his motivations for becoming a doctor were for his attraction for fellow student May Phelps however in a later episode we discover that his brother died of cancer. Despite his social anxiety, his ability to diagnose patients outshined but his exit for a post in research seemed more of a passion for the young doctor.

Yuki is first shown in S24 E1 where he joins the team as one of eight F2 doctors. It’s a harrowing shift for the group following a building collapse which leads to the death of one of them, Heather. Yuki feels particularly bad as she took his place on call. With confidence at a low in S24 E3, Yuki is sent out with the paramedics and faces more traumatic cases. Himself, Lenny and May are assigned a counsellor. In S24 E11, the trio are thrilled when Adam gives them their own patient to treat – Ruth’s friend, Amir, who has a history of heart problems. Ignoring advice from Jordan, however, the F2s decide to follow their own course of treatment. Things go from bad to worse when the patient then goes missing. The F2’s conceal their panic but are individually distraught. In S24 E15, Yuki is failing fast in the race for the fellowship and his mentor, Zoe, blames it on his lovesick glances for May. She challenges him to ask her out for a drink. However, a coach-load of crash victims proves a serious distraction. The man who sabotaged the bus with his best mate, for a laugh, is horrified when a girl he fancies – dies in the crash. He confesses all to Yuki, who advises him to do the right thing, but puts himself in danger in the process. In S24 E17, Yuki is disappointed with May when he learns that her father is the dean and she tried to cover it up. In S24 E23, Yuki falters while treating Seb, a seriously ill teenager, but redeems himself when he comes up with a brilliant diagnosis. However, when he bravely tells a packed meeting that Seb told him he no longer wants to receive treatment, Henry orders him out of the room. With new doctor Kieran on the scene, in S24 E28, Yuki is in turmoil as May continues to flirt with him. Spurred on by his mentor, Zoe, Yuki slips a love note in May’s locker but gets more than he bargained for when he finds the F2 exam paper hidden in her bag. He confronts her and May feels the only way he can keep Yuki quiet is to pretend she has feelings for him too and they kiss. In S24 E19, Yuki is ecstatic that May has agreed to go out with him and is keen to go public. But May persuades him that she wants to keep it their little secret and is at great pains to ensure that she isn’t left alone with him.

Memorable Moments

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