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Zoe joins Waterloo Road

Former HOLBY BLUE actress Zoe Lucker to join Waterloo Road.


Zoe Lucker, former HOLBY BLUE actress, has joined the cast of BBC One drama Waterloo Road as the mother of a troublemaking family set to cause chaos in the award-winning show, which recently relocated to its new home in Scotland.

Actress Zoe started shooting her first scenes this week as Carol Barry, the head of a hell-raising Liverpudlian criminal family who’ll cause a stir in Waterloo Road next year. With her husband in prison, Carol is lone-parent to unruly kids – bad boy Barry and daughters Dynasty and Kacey played by Carl Au (Jersey Boys), Abby Mavers (Willy Russell’s Our Day Out) and newcomer Brogan Ellis.

In future episodes of the popular drama – made by Shed Productions (a Shed Media Company) through BBC Scotland – the Barry kids arrive at Waterloo Road as headmaster Michael Byrne’s (played by Alec Newman) newest recruits for his pupil referral unit. And if Waterloo Road can turn them into model students they’ll be the schools’ greatest success story – shame they have anything but top grades on their sordid minds.

The Barry family are set to make their on-screen debut next year in episodes currently being filmed on location in Waterloo Road’s new home in Greenock, Scotland.

Zoe Lucker says: “I’m delighted to join the cast of Waterloo Road and work with Shed and the BBC again. It’s a show I’ve always enjoyed and I’m thrilled to be part of the outrageous Barry family.

“Carol and her kids are going to ruffle plenty of feathers in Waterloo Road – you can’t trust them as far as you can throw them! They’re a family of great characters – you just wouldn’t want the Barrys in your neighbourhood!”

Cameron Roach, Head of Drama for Shed Productions & Executive Producer, Waterloo Road, says: “Zoe is a terrific addition to our ensemble cast, it is incredibly exciting to be working with her again after working together on Footballers’ Wives. This time her character’s not about the glamour but keeping the family together.”

Gaynor Holmes, Executive Producer for BBC Scotland, adds: “We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Zoe as she arrives in Scotland. It’s very exciting to see Waterloo Road continue to attract such star casting as the show goes from strength to strength.”

Established Waterloo Road cast including Alec Newman, Philip Martin Brown, Jason Done, Jaye Jacobs, Melanie Hill and Daniela Denby-Ashe made the move to Scotland earlier this year to start filming the forthcoming eighth series.


(Source : BBC Press Office)

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