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HC Character

Dan Hamilton

Played by Adam Astill


S13 E18 ‘Blue Valentine’ – S14 E39 ‘Only You’

Job Title

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

First Words

Dan : Yeah looking for an F1 with a funny name, something like.. Mojonko

Chrissie : Petrenko?

Dan : That’ll be it


Troubled but seemingly self assured, Dan plays up to the stereotype of a public schooled, ladies man who enjoys rugby and being one of the lads. He is desperate to prove himself in his job and get the expected lifestyle of house, wife and career but in reality he is repressed and cowardly, not knowing who he really is or what he wants.

He makes his debut in S13 E18 and the following episode he becomes a mentor to Chrissie, who is undergoing nurse consultant training. Dan emphasises the importance of delegation, but Chrissie has a hard time stepping back from the more menial responsibilities. In S13 E22, Sacha has to do some serious back-peddling when he is bamboozled into telling Dan about the first time he met Chrissie. He unintentionally reveals too much information, leaving Dan with the wrong impression of her. In S13 E25, Dan books a weekend away in Barcelona as a surprise for a tired Chrissie but the overblown gesture misfires. It’s only when Dan speaks to their patient that he learns the way to Chrissie’s heart. In S13 E26, Sacha is determined to be happy for Chrissie and Dan, but it’s not easy when they don’t seem to share the same medical ethos. In S13 E27, Malick and and Dan disagree on the treatment of a larger-than-life patient. In S13 E29, Ric is back at work and determined to keep his cool, but finds Dan on his ward taking up space. Dan, keen to impress Ric, manages to ruffle his feathers and Ric makes a bet with Dan about who can finish their operation list first. When Dan gets competitive and starts to rush, he makes a mistake and has to ask for Ric’s help. Ric feels partly responsible for Dan’s mistake and helps rectify the situation. In S13 E30, Dan makes a late-night booty call to Chrissie, she’s seriously unimpressed. When he proclaims it’s because things between them haven’t moved on fast enough, she is even more affronted, leaving Dan to pick up the pieces and make things up to her. In S13 E33, Dan tries to do right by his best mate, who has a long-standing knee injury, but it seems that his condition is a lot worse than Dan realised. The pressure intensifies when Malick becomes involved and discovers that the situation is Dan’s fault. In a heated argument in the locker room, Dan passionately kisses Malick. Ashamed of his actions afterwards, Dan rushes away and finds Chrissie. He kisses her and tries to block out what has just happened with Malick. In S13 E35, Malick becomes irritated when Dan’s behaviour gets in the way of treating their shared patient. The situation escalates as they are forced to operate together. In S13 E37, Dan is not happy when Chrissie tries to enlist Malick’s help in her nursing studies. In S13 E38, Dan is keen to keep as far away from Malick as possible and ignores his advice on a patient. But when the patient gets into trouble he’s forced to face the consequences. The pair end up arguing again and Malick punches Dan. In S13 E39, recoiling from Malick’s punch, a bruised Dan struggles to conceal the true circumstances surrounding the violent dispute, especially when Chrissie goes to Hanssen with her concerns. In S13 E42, Chrissie is increasingly frustrated with Dan organising her life and tells him to back off when he accuses her of letting their personal differences cloud her professional judgement. But when Dan is forced to attempt a dangerous procedure on a patient, Chrissie is forced to put her feelings aside and stand by her man. In S13 E48, Dan struggles to focus whilst working a night shift with agency nurse Stephen, leading to the sloppy examination of a patient. Shaken by this, and confused by Stephen’s behaviour towards him, Dan makes a life-changing decision about his future with Chrissie – he asks Chrissie to marry him. In S13 E52, it’s the day of Chrissie’s engagement party but Chrissie has avoided spreading the word for fear of hurting Sacha’s feelings. Dan decides to take charge of the party arrangements but Chrissie’s delay in breaking the news to Sacha has repercussions.

In S14 E3, Dan pressures Chrissie to make decisions about the seating plan for their wedding, she loses her temper. When he asks her to make a decision about their first song, she is even more affronted and threatens to call off the wedding, leaving Dan to figure out what’s really important to his bride to be. In S14 E4, in order to complete a section of his research Oliver must gather data from Orthopaedics. Dan is an F2 down so Oliver offers to lend a hand, but after seeing Dan teaching methods, he begins to consider his future on Darwin. In S14 E5, Dan delegates all of his cases to Oliver, leaving him free to plan his honeymoon, but is shocked to discover that agency nurse Stephen Hopewell has admitted himself to AAU after a fall. Dan becomes worried that Stephen will tell Chrissie the truth about his sexuality and convinces him to leave, but when his X-rays reveal a serious break, Dan realises he’s made a big mistake. In S14 E7, Dan is pleased to see Chrissie after his conference trip, but soon has to face awkward questions about why Greg isn’t his best man. Dan’s behaviour becomes increasingly odd when he and Chrissie work with a feisty patient who has fallen off her horse. Greg knows he is being side-lined because of the kiss he witnessed between Dan and Stephen. In S14 E8, Chrissie pretends all is fine with Dan but finds herself distracted in her practical exam. She decides to work rather than spend the day off with him. Later when Chrissie attends a bridal dress fitting and faces herself in the mirror, her doubts about Dan’s sexuality become overwhelming. In S14 E9, Chrissie tries to convince herself that she and Dan are on the right track after a rocky patch. Her illusion is shattered by the reappearance of a familiar face on AAU which makes her once again doubt Dan and question her feelings. In S14 E10, Chrissie is struggling with the plans for her wedding.  Desperate for it to be perfect she refuses any offer of help. However, when she sees a genuinely happily married couple she realises that she has never had that, at least not with Dan… unable to ignore her growing doubts Chrissie questions if she can really go through with the wedding. The pair split. In S14 E12, Oliver confesses to Dan that he wants to return to Darwin. In S14 E16, A happy Chrissie and Sacha return from their holiday in Australia. Dan is forced to work with them and pretends he is fine with their burgeoning romance. But it’s not long before his anger takes over and Dan has to face some painful truths. In S14 E17, Dan deals with a stubborn patient who has turned her back on her aristocratic upbringing. Her need to protest against war has put her health at risk. Dan finds it difficult to understand her stance but soon sees that she has a determination he lacks. In S14 E19, still struggling with his own sexuality, Dan uses Frieda to prove his importance and ability to Malick, but when Frieda discusses his patient with Malick and performs a procedure without him Dan demands Hanssen steps in. When he then doesn’t get the outcome he wants, Dan is left frustrated and upset. Inn S14 E20, Hanssen and the Vice-Chancellor disagree over whether Dan or Malick should be considered for the position of clinical skills teacher. In S14 E25, Malick has been working hard, preparing for the Clinical Skills interviews, but Dan thinks he has it all sewn up.   However Dan resorts to underhand tactics in order to secure his position but it doesn’t work – Malick gets the job.

Memorable Moments

  • S13 E29 – Ric & Dan compete to finish their patient list with consequences for Dan.
  • S13 E33 – Dan kisses Malick in the locker room following a heated argument.
  • S13 E38 – Malick punches Dan.
  • S13 E48 – Confused by his feelings for Stephen, Dan proposes to Chrissie.
  • S14 E5 – Dan discharges Stephen in fear of him revealing his sexuality to Chrissie.
  • S14 E10 – Chrissie splits from Dan.
  • S14 E17 – Dan deals with a patient who is putting her war protests before her health.


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