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Cas Series

S18 E05

S18 E5 (4 Oct 03) : Flash in the Pan by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

New psychiatric liaison nurse Abs Denham arrives and sets to work immediately. Later in the day, a second nurse, also called Abs, presents himself at reception. Tess is confused and resolves to discover the identity of the real nurse Abs. She finds out that a psychiatric patient of the genuine Abs has stolen his identity and is trying to pass himself off as a nurse. Eventually the situation is resolved as Abs proves himself with great professionalism. He even manages to win Tess’s approval, despite emptying the store cupboard and claiming it as his office.

Claire is adamant that she and Keith are not a match made in heaven and firmly but politely explains to his mother that there will be no wedding. The problems in the relationship are made even more apparent as Keith bombards Claire with presents and asks her to marry him again. But she makes her answer very clear indeed.

Lara and Luke are attending a photo shoot for the launch of the RRU (Rapid Response Unit) when they are interrupted by a call out to a road accident. They disagree about how the situation should be handled but the decision is taken out of their hands when they are called to another incident. Lara is aggrieved at leaving the woman casualty but promises her that she will be safe in Josh’s capable hands. But Lara is furious when Josh’s decision appears to have caused more damage. Despite having just received divorce proceedings from Colette, Josh calms Lara down with his normal professionalism and explains his decision.Comfort seeks help from Father Frank because she is still having difficulty coping and is questioning her faith. She is scared and angry and feels that her problems cannot be eased by his words and prayers. Later, when she sees Tally flirting with Simon and watches other staff laughing at the bar, she leaves in distress and is unable to pretend everything is alright.Back at reception, Bex, is flattered to be asked to model by the RRU photographer. And a flirtatious exchange between Jim and Nikki reveals that the pair have chemistry.

Screencaps : S18 E5

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