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HC Past Series

S5 E36

s5e36S5 E36 (10 Jun 03) : Endgame by Len Collin

Episode Summary

Diane and Ric are rushing into theatre. Ric comments on Diane’s meeting with Tom. He calls her Cinderella. He snaps at her to finish up the operation and also about finding the blood of their patient to keep the levels up. Diane see’s Alex about his problem with Parkinsons. He refuses to go to Tom. Diane tells him if he doesn’t go then she’ll tell him. Alex goes ahead with an operation whilst Tom and Diane are on their way out. Anita and Ric are both unhappy with Tom and Diane’s relationship when Tom blatently asks Diane for a second date in front of Anita to try and show Anita what she’s missing. Ric goes off to a casino since he is not pleased at Diane’s relationship with Tom, especially since Tom and Ric don’t always see eye to eye. Tom is called back to Holby when Alex realises he can’t do the operation since his tremor is too much for him to put someone’s life at risk. When Tom gets there Alex is leaving theatre, he’s crying at his failing. Diane asks Alex what’s wrong and Tom realises Diane knew about Alex’s parkinsons. Tom asks why Alex couldn’t go ahead with the operation scheduled and he admits his illness. Tom orders Diane and Alex to wait in his office. The patient that was to be operated on dies due to the wait of attention. Tom goes to his office and demands why Alex never told him about his illness. Diane tries to get Tom to calm down and he snaps at Diane. Tom tells Alex to leave and tells him his career could be over.

Lisa’s ex is a patient on AAU. He was the father of the baby she terminated. Lisa and Jess corner Nic and persuade him to go to the house warming party. Lisa invites her best friend to the house warming party, she is pregnant. Her friend turns up with David as the two of them are married. Diane pops into the house warming party with a present for Jess and Lisa. Jess and Lisa manage to dance with Nic who has also persuaded Sandy to go to the party. Lisa and Jess both manage to kiss Nic although his eyes are on someone else. The party ends as Lisa’s bst friend goes into labour at the party. Nic, Jess and Lisa work together to deliver the baby. The paramedics arrive as the baby is delivered. Nic and Sandy dance to imaginery music before kissing. Nic persuades Lisa and Jess to let Sandy move in with them. Lisa agrees but jokes with Sandy telling her she’d better not set their new flat alight.


Perry Green – The patient on Darwin who dies when Alex is unable to perform his operation.

Kym Taylor – Is the patient Ric and Diane are rushing into theatre at the start of what would be a long day.

David – Lisa’s ex who is broguht into AAU


Screencaps : S5 E36

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