3.03 The Right Thing – 19/10/00

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S3 E3 19 Oct 00) : The Right Thing by Jenny Lecoat

Episode Summary

When a well-known hospital fundraiser, John Wooldridge, demands a risky operation, Mike has to decide whether to refuse, or bow to management pressure. Mike reluctantly decides to go ahead with the operation however his condition deteriorates after suffering a stroke.

Meyer asks Alex to head a new drugs trial which puts Kirstie’s nose out of joint.

Two patients, Matt and Jim, who are both in with heart problems are on the drugs trial however Kirstie discovers they have been using a stimulant for hair growth which has affected their treatment.

Danny gets emotionally involved in a case involving a young girl Charlie. Happy at getting Charlie to open up, when Danny learns she has a tumour, he finds it difficult being around her until Keri gives him a pep talk.


  • John Wooldridge – operated on aneurism, post-op complications lead to a stroke
  • Matt Trayling – heart valve replacement
  • Jim Ellison – heart problems
  • Charlie Roberts – tumour


Notable Facts

  • Tony Britton plays John Wooldridge
  • Steve Speirs plays Jim Ellison
  • Pippa Haywood plays Sian Wooldridge
  • Sandy and Jasmine are told off for taking the mickey out of patient Jim’s noticeable wig


“It’s a picture of you” Danny

“I want to be a hero one day” Charlie

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