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Cas Series

S15 E20

S15 E20 (13 Jan 01) : Girl Power by Matthew Leys

Episode Summary

A man comes to the house where Chantelle Cassidy is living with her foster parents, Beth and Tim. Beth sends him away, but Chantelle pushes past them to go after him – he’s her father. She loses sight of him and he drives away. Beth comes running out of the house. She sees Chantelle about to run back across the road into the path of a car hidden from her sight, and runs out, shouting, “No!” The car hits her. Chantelle uses the first aid she’d learned from Penny’s classes to help. Penny and Mel arrive and Beth is taken to Holby A&E. Chantelle tells Penny what happened, saying that her mother told Tim and Beth that her father was a psycho. Beth isn’t seriously injured, but Tim blames the accident on Chantelle, although Beth tells him it was no-one’s fault. Chantelle’s father Jerry arrives in A&E. Chantelle recognises him, but he doesn’t realise who she is until she tells him. She is upset that he didn’t know her, and storms off, but he goes after her and gets her a drink, and they start to talk. Chantelle introduces Penny to Jerry, and he tells her that he feels he knows Chantelle already, as he’s thought about her every day. He says it’s fantastic to have met her. Tim comes up to Chantelle, and apologises for blaming her. Chantelle goes to see Beth, and Tim approaches Jerry. He says he can’t come strolling back into Chantelle’s life, and they start arguing about who has rights to Chantelle. Chantelle and Penny break up the fight. Chantelle is angry that Tim and Beth didn’t want her to see Jerry – she says they thought they were trying to keep her away from the scum she came from. She tells Jerry he’s not off the hook either, as he didn’t try to find her. She makes them apologise to each other. Tim asks if she’s coming home with him, but Jerry offers to take her out for a pizza. She goes with Jerry, telling Tim she’ll see him later. They leave after saying goodbye to Penny. Penny tells Mel that Jerry said he’d thought about Chantelle every day. She wonders if her dad has thought about her today. Mel asks if she’s prepared to risk finding out, and Penny says she thinks she is, after today.

Holly is moving house, and packing everything at the last minute. Tom Harvey, the anaesthetist, offers to help her. Barney brings a present that was left at reception for Holly – a book of Shakespeare sonnets. Later she goes into the staff room to find Patrick reading it. He starts to read one to her, taking the mickey. She takes it from him. He asks if it was from a patient at the same time as Holly starts asking, “Are you doing anything…?” She stops, and says that it was from a patient. Patrick leaves, and bumps into Spencer, who tells him that one of his old navy pals has died. Patrick asks if he wants some time off, but Spencer says no.

Brian O’Connor and Owen Gillespie break into a house. Owen isn’t much use at anything and Brian keeps telling him what to do. Owen finds a wedding ring, which he pockets. He goes back to find that Brian has collapsed on the floor. At this point the owners return and Owen runs, leaving Brian there. Simon and Monica, an engaged couple whose New Year’s resolution was to stop arguing, arrive back at their house. Simon goes in first, and seeing Brian on the floor, calls the police, Monica comes in, goes to help Brian, and snatches the phone off Simon, asking for an ambulance. Brian is taken to Holby A&E, and the police wait for him to be treated. Monica comes in to see Brian. She says the only thing missing was a wedding ring, given to her by her father, and asks for it back. Brian says he hasn’t got it – he doesn’t steal personal items like that. Monica leaves her phone number with him, saying that maybe he’ll remember later, and goes. Owen comes in to see Brian, bringing some flowers he’s stolen. He says sorry for leaving him there, but Brian is still upset. Owen says he’s going straight, and has applied to be a bus driver. Brian says it’s probably for the best, as he’s a rotten burglar. He assures Owen he won’t grass him up. He asks about the ring, but Owen denies taking it. Brian manages to take the ring from Owen’s pocket. Owen leaves. Brian asks Colette to phone Monica for him. Monica arrives back and he gives her the ring. He tells her he wasn’t on his own in her house, and that it was his partner who took the ring. He says sorry. She says having her house broken into makes her feel sick. Brian tells her to make sure whoever she gives the ring to is worth it, and Monica says he sounds like her dad. She tells him her dad gave it to her just before he died. He tells her he has no family as he never married. He says he’s always been afraid of dying alone, and starts to say she’s the only friend he’s got. Simon interrupts them. He asks if she’s coming home, and she asks for a minute, to pop back to see Brian. She thanks him for the ring. He asks her to visit him, and she agrees. Suddenly Brian collapses, and is taken into resusc. Monica goes with him. The team are unable to resuscitate him. Monica goes out to meet Simon and go home. Simon talks insensitively about the mess Brian made of the house. Monica tells him she’s not coming home with him; he offers to wait but she tells him not to bother. He leaves, and Colette approaches her. Monica says she made a decision for once in her life, and it feels great.

Leslie is the manager of a band who impersonate the Spice Girls, “The Spice is Right”. Ginger Spice asks him why Posh Spice, Donna, gets her own dressing room, thinking she should have it. He tells her she deserves it, as she acts like a professional and doesn’t make stupid demands like Donna. He kisses her. Donna comes out of her room, looking ill, and the five go on stage – they’re playing in an old people’s home. Their equipment is dodgy and Leslie tries to fix it midway through a song. Suddenly something explodes in the amplifier, and half of the microphones become live. Two of the girls get shocked and burned. They all go to Holby A&E and the two injured are treated. Suddenly Donna throws up over Ginger. Andrew examines her and finds out that she’s pregnant. Donna says she wants an abortion, and Andrew advises her to go to her GP. Leslie comes into the cubicle, and Donna tells him he’s the father. Ginger is outraged that he’s been cheating on her. All the girls tell him to go, saying he’s sacked. They decide it’s to broaden their repertoire, and start singing a Jimmy Cliffe song.

Andrew asks Colette if she can put in a word for him with Duffy, saying she won’t listen to him. Colette agrees, and when the subject comes up, she says that maybe Duffy should listen to Andrew’s point of view. Duffy realises that Andrew put her up to it, and sarcastically thanks Colette for her support. Later, Andrew speaks to Duffy in the staff room. She asks why he can’t be happy that they’re having another baby. He says that last time wasn’t easy, and had she said, “Never again,” but Duffy says that was in the heat of the moment, and that she wants this baby. She says she’s happy and asks if that isn’t enough. He says it is for her, implying it isn’t for him. She asks Andrew to think about it, and he agrees. They hug. Later, Duffy tells Colette she’s having her baby whether Andrew likes it or not. Andrew appears, and says he’s going home and he’ll see her later; Duffy says it’ll be much later as she and Colette are having a girls’ night out.

Additional Cast

Beth – Tessa Pritchard

Tim – Robin Welch

Chantelle – Melissa Batchelor

Jerry – Bill Fellows

Brian O’Connor – James Ellis

Owen Gillespie – Alan McKee

Monica – Catherine Kanter

Simon – Charles De’Ath

Ginger Spice – Natasha Bell

Sporty Spice – Kerry Norton

Leslie – Sean McKenzie

Scary Spice – Veronica Hart

Baby Spice – Jasmine Jeffery

Guide by Alison

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