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Cas Series

S18 E18

S18 E18 (3 Jan 04) : Ahead of the Game by Chris Ould

Episode Summary

Dan is packing his bags, planning to fly back to Canada and back to work. Even though Louis does not yet know that Dan is not planning to come back, he is upset about Dan leaving; he wants to go back to Canada as well and makes it clear to both of them that he is not happy with the situation. All of this makes Baz a bit unsure about if she is doing the right thing. She has a word with Kenneth, who reassures her that if being with Charlie makes her happy then she definitely is. Later, Dan and Baz end up in an argument about Louis and when Kenneth tries to stop them from arguing Dan says that Kenneth should be happy, because he never liked him anyway. Baz realises that it is not a good idea for her to take him to the airport and that he could take a taxi, but Dan more or less forces him to take come with him to the airport, saying that she at least has to give Louis a chance to say goodbye.

On the way to the airport Louis’ behaviour gets even worse. He is screaming and telling them that he hates them and in the end he starts kicking Dan’s seat. Baz opens her seatbelt to reach him better so that she can calm down, but at the same time Louis starts disturbing Dan, who is driving, so much that Dan turns around to tell him to calm down. For a split second Dan’s attention is not focused on the road and that is enough for him to lose control of the car. Suddenly there is a car in front of them and Dan steers the car off the road, straight into a wall. Dan and Louis are both alright, but Baz, who was not wearing a seatbelt when it happened, hits her head nastily against the windscreen. In a panic Dan calls for an ambulance and soon Josh and Fin arrive at the scene. Charlie, who is on the way to the airport to pick Baz and Louis up after they have returned the rented car, is driving along the same road and is driving past the ambulances when he sees what he did not want to see – Dan and Louis are standing next to the road. In a state of shock, he quickly jumps out of the car and even though people are trying to stop him, he runs to the car and tries to talk to Baz, who only manages to say a couple of words. When the firebrigade finally have managed to get the roof off the car and they get Baz out of the ambulance she is unconscious and Charlie decides to go with her in the ambulance, even though he is reluctant to leave Louis with Dan.

Nikki is in turmoil on her wedding day. Andy reminds her too much of Jack and he even comes to talk to her, saying that she should not marry Jim since she obviously does not love him. Nikki does not know what to do and is worrying that Andy might ruin the day by telling Jim about them. Claire calms her down and later has a word with Andy, telling him not to ruin it. When all the guests already have gone inside Jim and Nikki meet outside on the stairs and Nikki does not sound very reassuring when she agrees that it is the happiest day in their lives. Ultimately, she cannot face marrying Jim and she flees down the aisle in tears, saying that she cannot do it. Andy rushes to Jim and tries to stop him from following her and Jim cannot catch her. Later, back home, Nikki is being comforted by Claire and even though Jim tries to get to talk to her, Nikki hides and does not go to open the door.

Frustrated by the unnecessary death of a young soldier, Luke goes talk to the some soldiers, accusing Dale Charters of lying and vows to uncover the truth. Dale and his heavies pay Luke a visit. He is confronted by them in the lift and they make it clear that they do not agree with his plans of finding out the truth.

Bex has lost her makeup bag and thinks someone must have stolen it from her car. She talks to a Colin Evans from security and asks him to look at the CCTV tapes, but he thinks it is far too much work, especially since it is only makeup and Bex not even is sure it was stolen from the car, because she had not locked the car. He says that there is a whole box full of tapes and it would take him all day to look though all of them. Bex is slowly getting annoyed and simply takes the box from him and walks away with it, planning to watch them herself. All day she is watching the tapes while working, but instead of finding out what happened to her makeup bag she finds something more interesting – one of the CCTV tape shows Luke and Lara’s intimate relations on hospital property. Bex gathers everyone in the staffroom and puts the tape on, but as they are watching it Lara walks into the staff room, shocked to find out they had been taped. Lara tells Luke about it, but he seems to think it is quite funny and simply says that Bex must be short of money and probably was selling tickets to everyone. At the end of the day Colin gets the tape back and takes it to Harry, saying that he should watch it. Harry has a word with Lara and angry, he accuses Lara of breaching her contract. Though embarrassed, Lara plays the jealousy card and judging from Harry’s reaction, she seems not to have been far from the truth.

Paul Altcheson comes into the ED, wanting to have a word with Lara, who had been treating him one week earlier. He is suffering from very painful headaches and Lara has diagnosed him with migraine, but the medication has been of no use. He suggests that it might be a tumour, but Lara sends him back home, thinking he is a drama queen. Back in reception he starts banging the lid of a paper bin, demanding to get a second opinion. When security comes to remove him from the hospital he gets a headache and falls down onto the floor in pain. He is taken back to a cubicle and the cause of his headaches seems to leave everyone confused, until Colin has a word with Harry. He says that he recognises the symptoms and that Paul might be suffering from the same illness as his brother-in-law. He suggests it might be something called cluster headaches and that getting oxygen should help. Harry finds some information about cluster headaches and realises that Colin seems to have been right and a reluctant Lara is forced to admit that Colin was right, even though she did not want to listen to him at first.

Brian Taylor, Bex’s English teacher from school, and his wife Mavis both come into the ED. Brian has got a cut in his leg and Mavis one in her arm. Bex comes to take some details from Brian and heis very unsympathetical, spelling out every word to her, thinking that she still will not know how to spell anything. Bex has a go at him, telling him how bad he used to make her and everyone else feel and that he did not care about them, because he just enjoyed making them scared of him. His wife comes into the cubicle and says that Bex does not know what she is talking about and that he had a reason to be the way he was – she has MS and he often spent whole nights awake looking after her, so if he was in a bad mood it was because he was so tired after looking after her. Abs realises that Mavis’ injuries are from accidents she has had when her MS has been bad and not from domestic violence like they were thinking. Mavis admits to Abs that she is smoking and Abs immediately assumes that she is talking about cannabis. Shocked, she tells her that she is not taking cannabis and that her husband would already be horrified if he found out she is smoking. Later, when Mavis has yet another painful attack Abs suggests that maybe she should try cannabis after all, but she says that they cannot choose which laws to abide and which to ignore.

Dwayne Newton is a 34-year-old who is brought in with a high-heeled shoe in his chest that he has got there after wanting to show a woman working in a bar that he was strong enough to have people walking on his chest, the only problem having been that the heel penetrated his chest. The woman that was walking on his chest is very sorry for what happened and keeps apologising and offering to come and help him while he is getting better. Lara, however, soon realises that she recognises the man from before. That once he had been brought in after being pushed down an escalator by a woman who he had been trying to take pictures of. Lara asks the woman to think about what he will have been seeing when she has been standing on his chest wearing a skirt and she, angrily, leaves.


– Paul Altcheson, a man who is suffering from bad migraines, diagnosed with cluster headaches

– Brian Taylor, an older man who used to be Bex’s teacher, cut in his leg

– Mavis Taylor, Brian’s wife, cut in her arm after dropping a knife when having an MS attack

– Dwayne Newton, a 34-year-old who has a shoe stuck in his chest

First Scene/words

[Nikki has just come out of the shower when the doorbell rings.]

Nikki: Hold on, I’m coming!

[Nikki opens the door and notices it is Andy.]

Nikki: No.

Andy: Nikki, please. Just throw me out, yeah.

Nikki: It won’t make any difference, alright, I’m marrying Jim today.

Andy: Yeah, but you don’t love him.

Last Scene/words

Josh: Let’s move her out. On three, one two three.

Charlie: What’s her obs?

Josh: Sats are okay, but she’s becoming bradycardic.

Charlie: I’m coming with you.

Josh: Charlie!

Charlie: I’m coming.

Josh: Okay.

Charlie: Just wait until I get Louis.

Josh: There’s no room and he shouldn’t see Baz like this.

Charlie: I’m not leaving him.

Fin: Charlie, we gotta go soon, mate. Put him in the second ambulance. Thank you guys. Charlie, what are you saying mate? Come on, come on!

[Charlie jumps into the back of the ambulance and while Fin is closing the doors Charlie is watching Dan and Louis, who are standing outside the ambulance.]

Notable Facts

Baz’s last words are “I’m cold”.

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