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Cas Series

S20 E08

S20 E8 (22 Oct 05) : For Better or Worse by Peter Mills & Lucy Catherine

Episode Summary

Woody is keen to get to know Matt and trying to impress him lets them take a drive in the ambulance. However whilst out, a woman, Tracey, who has just crashed her car into a lamp post, hails the ambulance. Woodyis forced to call in for back-up and when Josh finds out, he is furious and warns Woody that it’s a sackable offence.

Harry is in a mood after an argument with his daughter Kizzy, who feels he is shurking his fatherly responsibilities.2 year old Chloe gets up in the night to get a snack out of the freezer, however she falls in and in the morning her mu, Louise, finds her unconscious. Her outlook isn’t hopeful, but Harry is determined to do all he can. Tess tells Louise and her estranged partner, Craig, not to give up hope. Once she has been heated up enough, Harry begins the shocking process. Just as things are looking desperate, Craig pleads with them to try once more and miraculously her heart starts beating again.

Whilst at work, Harry is left in the lurch when his au pair quits. But help is at hand when Ellen, who has the afternoon off, offers to help out with the children. Harry later arrives home to find that she has done a sterling job, and the pair end the evening chatting about how lonely they are. Harry and Kizzy also make up and she tells him she is proud of him for saving the young girl.

Bruno treats a woman who has a ginnie-worm in her foot. Guppy tells her it’s extremely rare which she has caught from drinking infected water abroad. Bruno decides to make money out of the situation when many staff want to see her infection. The woman tries to get back at Bruno by asking for his cut also – not realising Bruno has another secret stash which he didn’t include in the cut.

Asian couple Ravi and Ghita arrive in the ED after Ghita has been attacked. Abs is suspicious of how she came to be injured. Later a man, Derek, is brought in having been assaulted – cash notes have been thrust down his throat. It turns out Derek is a loan shark, who ordered Ghita to be beaten up after Ravi failed to pay back the loan.


* Chloe Whatley – fell into a freezer.

* Woman – ginnie-worm infection to foot.

* Ghita Dhatri – attacked, facial injuries.

* Derek Reardon – attacked, throat injury.

* Tracey Peterson – car accident.

Notable Facts

* Thomas Law plays Matt Haddon.

* Lucinda Dryzek plays Kizzy Harper.

* Kizzy angrily tells her father Harry ‘You and being a Dad are like so incompatible!’

* Ellen tells Harry ‘You’ll make someone a good catch!’

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