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Cas Series

S20 E22

S20 E22 (28 Jan 06) : It’s a Man Thing by Jim Davies & Robert Scott-Fraser

Episode Summary

Nathan and Harry clash over the article quoting a hospital source in The Gazette. Nathan is back to visit his mother who has had another fall. Selena warns Maggie that The Gazette has quoted her almost word perfect. Maggie is shocked. Nathan then accuses Maggie of speaking to the press, which she vehemently denies. Maggie tells Bruno she knows he set her up. Maggie swears to Harry that she didn’t speak to The Gazette and warns him that people are gossiping about him.

Meanwhile, Nathan asks Selena out and she turns to Maggie for advice. Selena then asks Harry out, but he turns her down. Later in the shift, Selena agrees to go out with Nathan. Tess asks Harry if he is going out with Ellen, but he strongly denies it.

Elsewhere, Kelsey catches Bruno piercing a girl’s belly button and giving another woman botox. She promises not to say anything if he will give her botox as well.

Two brother argue when Tony says biker Gary isn’t spending enough time with his family. Gary rides off and Tony gives chase after him, however they are involved in a collision with a father, Jake, and his child in a buggy.

Gary suffers pelvic injuries and almost gives up on his family untl Charlie persuades him to apologise and become a proper father and husband.

Meanwhile the baby, Joanna, who was involved in the bike collision is seriously ill. The mother, Louise, comes into the department frantic but is angry at Jake, who doesn’t seem as concerned. Abs talks to him and discovers he is suffering from a type of post natal depression.

Mr Holden comes in with severe pain from urinary retention. He has recently been in Brazil and staffdiscover, he has a fish parasite inside, which has caused his discomfort.


* Tony – bike crash injuries.

* Gary – pelvic & ankle fracture, internal bleeding.

* Baby Joanna – skull injury, blood clot removed.

* Jake – broken wrist.

* Peggy Spencer – dizzy spells.

* Mr Holden – urinary retention from parasite.

Notable Facts

* Elizabeth Bell plays Peggy Spencer.

* Bruno starts spreading the gossip about Ellen and Harry (‘Harry and Ellen are doing the horiztonal!’), after he sees her getting out of his car.

* Annoyed at his latest showdown with Nathan, Selena asks Harry ‘Do you want me to deal with it?’ (referring to treating Peggy). ‘Yes please I might just kill him,’ Harry retorts.

* Of Selena, Bruno says, ‘I bet she’s a wild cat!’

* When a patient refuses to be checked over, Luke says ‘If you end up paralysed, don’t come running to us!’

* Maggie is upset people think she went to the press, ‘Running to the press is not my style’.

* Maggie confronts Bruno after the press scandal, ‘I will find out and trust me you will be sorry!’

* After finding out Nathan asked Selena out, Maggie tells her, ‘I hope you told him to get stuffed!’. ‘He’s not that bad,’ Selena replies. Maggie carries on, ‘What is it with you and dodgy blokes?’

* Harry denies the rumours to Tess, ‘It doesn’t mean I spend my spare time rolling around in bed with her!’

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