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HC Past Series

10.07 Someone to Watch Over Me – 27/11/07

S10 E7 (27 Nov 07) : Someone to Watch Over Me by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Sam is not faring well following his positive test result for cancer. A combination of a surgeon shortage at the hospital and a major train crash means that he still has to work, regardless of his plight. In theatre his patient dies and he finds it difficult to handle the emotional side of the job with the knowledge of his illness. Maddy is supportive but Sam decides to shave off all his hair in anticipation of losing it all through his forthcoming chemotherapy.

Mark, meanwhile, is stressed due to the staff shortage. He becomes suspicious that a patient from the train crash is a terrorist, but Elliot realises that Mark’s paranoia is caused by his spiralling drug problem. Mark calls his dealer at the end of the day to get yet another fix.

Elsewhere, there is tension between Donna and Jac as they both fight for Michael’s attention.

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