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Cas Series

S8 E10

s8e10S8 E10 (20 Nov 93) : Deceptions by Neil McKay

Episode Summary

Lenny spends his time going round pubs and making money on all of the quiz machines. Many landlords are getting annoyed with him and some have started to ban him from their pubs. He is thrown out of the first pub he goes in, but urges his wife, who is waiting in the car outside, to take him to another one. At this pub, he again gets noticed by the landlord and is asked to leave. The landlord manages to throw him out through a glass window! He is taken into hospital and wonders whether his memory will be affected by the accident, saying that he has 20,000 facts stored inside his head. His wife arrives, and tells him he has to stop using quiz machines. She says she wants to go back to being a singer.

It is Helen’s last day in the department. Adele asks Duffy whether they should take her out for a meal. Duffy is distracted, and later receives a phone call from Andrew who reveals that his sperm count is fine. Everyone is invited to the meal, but at the end of the shift, only Adele can go. Helen tells Adele that she doesn’t need to come to the meal, and that they should call it off.

Mike’s replacement, Tom Harley, starts work in this episode. Karen initially mistakes him for a patient. He proves to be fun, fair and a very good doctor.

Marion is brought in, and she is fighting with another woman. Once in a cubicle, she reveals to Helen and Adele that she was leaving work as she was having an affair with her boss, Gordon. At the leaving party, he told her that they could no longer be together as he felt awful about deceiving his wife. Later, Marion caught him with another woman from her work – the woman who was brought in with her. They had had a fight. Nicola, the other woman, is being treated be Charlie. She says that apart from today, her and Marion were the best of friends. Charlie says that they should be angry at Gordon, not at each other. Gordon turns up at the hospital, revealing that Marion has rung his wife and told her everything. Nicola just laughs at him.

Harriet has fractured her arm by falling down the garden steps. She is scared of hospitals. Josh tells Brian that he should have handled her better, as she was scared. When Karen examines Harriet’s breathing problems, she notices that she has a lump in her breast. Harriet had known it was there. She doesn’t want the doctors to examine her and asks to leave. Her friend comes in to see her, and reveals that she is an aromotherapist who has tried to treat Harriet’s lump. Karen is angered that Harriet doesn’t ask for medical help. Harriet’s partner comes into A&E. She tells him about the cancer and asks him to decide whether or not he will stand by her. He tells her that he will never leave her.

A car salesman, Alan Mowbray, sells Joe Tanner a car. Joe is dating the salesmans daughter Caroline, but Alan has not been told, as he would not approve. They go out together. It is the anniversary of Caroline’s mothers death. Joe becomes drowsy in the car and loses control. The car goes off the road, and Joe later dies from his injuries. The police find out that the car was not fit to be sold, and that it was one of a stolen batch. Caroline is appalled that her dad had sold Joe a dangerous car and tells him that she is moving out.


* Lenny – Fractured Skull

* Marion – Cuts to head

* Nicola – Cuts to head

* Harriet Clayton – Fractured arm and lump in breast

* Joe Tanner – Dies in a car crash.

* Caroline Mowbray – cuts to face.

First Scene/Words

Woman puts a tape into her car’s tape player, and listens to some opera – type music. She begins to sing along.

Last Scene/Words

Alone, Helen leaves the department for the last time, as patients are being wheeled in.

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