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Cas Series

S23 E08

S23 E8 (25 Oct 08) : The Evil That Men Do by David Bowker

Episode Summary

Tess helps Charlie interview for Abs’s job, but while one candidate, April, struggles, another, Jay, is far too confident for Tess’s liking. So when Charlie takes a shine to Jay and offers him the job, an unimpressed Tess fears he’s made a big mistake.

When someone throws a brick through Dixie’s window, Jeff surprises her with a Labrador puppy ‘Little Abs’. Later, while Dixie and Jeff are at a cage fight, someone firebombs Dixie’s flat. Dixie and Jeff return to the burnt-out flat, but where’s Little Abs?

Nick Jordan wants to get to the bottom of the accidental overdose incident, and is surprised when all the staff vouch for Adam. Jordan tells Adam he won’t be taking the matter further, but orders him to see duty counsellor Ben straight away.

And Ruth encourages April to sack her life coach Crispin, but he soon finds another ‘client’.

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