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Cas Series

S12 E19

S12 E19 (10 Jan 98) : Loco Parentis by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Tessa McCarthy, a girl in her late twenties has locked herself into her bathroom and a man, Alec, calls the ambulance after she has been saying to him that she is having a heart attack. She ir running around in the bathroom, not letting everyone come inside and Alec does not know the answer to any of the questions that Josh and Penny try to ask him. Soon he says that he has to go, giving Josh some money that he asks Josh to give to Tessa. Josh then breaks the bathroom door and they bring Tessa into hospital. Once she is in a cubicle she wants everyone to stay far away from her and she starts swaying a chair around, shouting and demanding to get her money. Baz walks by and asks Tessa if she has taken something, but Tessa says she does not know what it was. Joan, Tessa’s landlady to whom Tessa owes five weeks’ rent, comes there, asking Tessa how many amphetamine pills she took, saying she only should have taken a couple while Tessa now took all ten of them. An annoyed Baz sends her to the relatives’ room and instead tries to talk to Tessa, who says she is a student, not a prostitute as she knows Baz thinks, but that she needed the money and had tried everything else. Baz goes to talk to Tessa’s landlady, getting shocked by the fact that she is making Tessa sell herself to pay the rent. Baz gets George to help with talking to Tessa, trying to make her change her mind and find a better way to get money, but Tessa says it is her own choice and that it only is a job.

Before going to work Sam is using the hoover and doing housework in Sunny’s flat while Sunny is trying to watch a football match between City and United. Later, at work, Sunny is complaining to Amy that Sam, who is now staying at Sunny’s place, is driving him insane and Amy suggests Sunny should go out with Amy and Keith next week. Afterwards Amy talks to Tina, saying that what Tina needs is a man and that she knows someone who would be just right for her. When Tina asks who this man is Amy suggests doing it as a blind date next week, saying that Amy and Keith came come with her. However, Sunny later comes to talk to Amy, complaining that he thought he had agreed to go out with them next week, but now has found out that they will be going with Tina and some sad old man who cannot even get a date himself and Amy has to reveal that Sunny is the one Tina is going on a blind date with.

Carl Myers is working at a youth centre and he is trying to drive the drug dealers out of the youth centre. Reuben, his nephew who is staying with him, comes home and goes to the cellar to find a suitcase, saying that he is planning to move out. Some people come to check the place out, wearing guns. They pull the blinds down and close the doors, telling Carl that he talked too much about their business and soon three shots can be heard. After a while Reuben comes out of the cellar, finding Carl lying on the floor and Reuben drives him to hospital. In resus a weak Carl whispers to Charlie that a man called T Rank shot him and that Snake gave him the gun, but just as he has said that he suddenly arrests. Charlie goes to tell Reuben, who is lying in a cubicle needing a few stitches, that Carl has died and he also explains that Carl gave him the name of the man that killed him. He says that they forwarded the name to the Police and Reuben states that was a big mistake. Charlie says that once the Police has found the suspects he will testify against them and Reuben explains that in that case Louis will definitely be an orphan. Reuben explains that his uncle got in the way of cocaine, but Charlie gets suspicious and starts to ask Reuben how he injured his arm, wondering why he had to break into his own house. Charlie soon finds out that Reuben gave the keys to the man who killed his uncle and eventually, after getting threatened by his own cousin and realising that he let his uncle down, Reuben says that he is ready to testify so that Charlie can stay out of it.

Brian Harrison is brought in with severe chest pains and he is blaming his grown-up son for it, saying he got ill when he found out that his son was not supporting the same football team as he. Kevin, the son, says that it is not his fault and that he should blame himself as he has been smoking for forty years and that he is supporting the other team because of business contacts. George says that Brian has had a heart attack, but that everything now is back to normal. Eventually when a bed is found for Brian on a ward, Sunny tells him that United won 2-1 and Brian tells his son that he must be delighted and that he will never give him the loan that he knows Kevin needed in order not to go bankrupt. The football game that made the whole department go crazy has also made Josh think about coaching at the children’s home where Liam now is. Penny, however, doubts it is such a good idea, saying that Liam has major problems that cannot be solved that easily.

Baz and Charlie do not seem to be getting on too well, as while doing CPR to Carl Charlie starts asking how Louis is doing and both Sunny and Mark tell Charlie that they are sorry about the news. Charlie finds out that Baz has told the whole department that they have split up. Baz later tells Charlie that Louis is doing fine and probably is too young to understand anything. Charlie asks why Baz has told everyone, saying that he was not ready to let everyone know about it yet. Charlie has also found some signs with a picture of Elliot and a short text saying “Missing. Have you seen this man?” and he asks Sunny if he knows anything about them, saying that they will have to be removed.

In the morning George is trying to convince Mark that they should not arrive at work together as everyone will start gossiping. The whole shift Mark spends trying to get a chance to talk to George, but she says that she still does not want the department to know about the two of them. Mark asks if this has anything to do with Richard, who George is constantly trying to phone as he is not at work, but she says that they are only friends and that she feels very vulnerable. Mark says that he wants her to be able to trust him and George admits that she does. Little does Mark know that only a while ago a woman, Laura Wright, has come into reception, asking to meet him. When Mark finally goes to meet her he gets surprised to notice it is his ex and he gets even more surprised when she introduces him to a little girl, Jade, and tells Mark, in front of George, that Jade is his daughter.


– Brian Harrison, 65-year-old brought in with severe chest pains

– Carl Myers, man working at youth centre, killed by drug dealers

– Reuben Myers, Carl’s nephew, needs a few stitches after breaking a window

– Tessa McCarthy, a 29-year-old student who is brought in after taking too many amphetamine pills

First Scene/words

[A bunch of Holby City football supporters are walking down a street, on the way to a football game.]

Last Scene/words

[Mark goes to meet Laura Wright in reception.]

Laura: Hello Mark. I’m sorry to spring this on you, but I was supposed to be here a couple of hours ago, but the coach broke down and when I got to the B&B they’d let the room go. I was gonna call you… But I wasn’t even sure I should tell you I was here, I just wanted to see if you wanted to meet.[Laura looks towards a little girl that is sitting on the chair next to her.]

Laura: This is Jade.

Mark: Jade… How old is Jade?

Laura: Like you’d expect.[Mark is looking at Jade with surprise and George walks towards them. Laura sits down next to Jade.]

Laura: Jade, this is your dad.[Jade smiles, but Mark looks shocked and so does George.]

Notable Facts

* Mark has got a daughter, Jade.

* Colette Brown (Sam in Holby City), plays Laura Wright, Jade’s mother.

Review by Karin.

Screencaps : S12 E19

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