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Cas Series

3.09 Inferno – 28/10/88

S3 E9 (28 Oct 88) : Inferno by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

It’s bonfire night in Holby. An inaccurate meningitis scare story appears in the press. Valerie attends a bonfire party, where youths gatecrash and throw fireworks, causing a young boy, Nicky, to be burnt. He is brought in with his parents, and is moved to the burns unit. Valerie burns her hand in the incident, Charlie tells her that her actions have saved Nicky’s life and then invites her for a coffee.

A young girl, Imogen, also at the party, is brought in, she has a rash and headache, David and Charlie diagnose meningitis.

A hairdresser, Thea, suffering from chronic PMT, has a row with her boyfriend, Paul, when she accidentally cuts her wrist with a bread knife. Megan is annoyed, when David does nothing more than refer her to her GP – she then comes in later after overdosing on pills. Megan advises her.

An old man, Terence, comes in after losing his dog. On the Obs ward, he is told his dog, Ernest, has been found.

Megan is missing Ted, at the end of shift she tells Sadie she is going to Cheltenham. Valerie tells Charlie the department has got to make economies – Kuba faces the sack.


* Thea – woman with chronic PMT, cuts wrist with bread knife and is later brought in after overdosing on pills.

* Young boy, Nicky – falls into fire and suffers 30% burns.

* Young girl, Imogen – brought in with meningitis.

First Scene/words


Thea : Damn! (as she knocks over bottles) You’ll be the belle of the ball you know

Woman : Oh that’ll take some doing, still I wouldn’t like him to think his nan letting herself go

Thea : When did you last see him?

Last Scene/words

Charlie : Listen you shouldn’t get cold.

Valerie : Trying to scrounge a coffee.

Charlie : Yeah.

Valerie : Can’t manage anything else?

Charlie : I’m not scrounging anything else.

Notable Facts

* George Irving (Anton Meyer in Holby City) plays Paul, Thea’s husband.

* Valerie has a partner called Michael.

* Cyril has a younger brother (Nicky’s age – 10)

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