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Cas Series

S16 E22

S16 E22 (2 Feb 02) : In the Heat of the Night by Edel Brosnan

Episode Summary

Things are steaming up in the A&E department – when the boiler packs up – Spencer tries to fix it himself as the odd job man, Shifty, is busy fixing other things. Lara is back from a course in Dublin and ends up flirting with Patrick all shift. Nikki is still trying to urge Jack to see a doctor about the lump in his testicle. Jack talks to Dillon, who gives him the same advice. And eventually at the end of his shift he goes to see Max – who refers him and says he did the right thing, and saved his own life.

After Simon and Annabel’s wedding, Simon makes his speech and announces he knows his wife and best man, Jules, slept with eachother the previous night, which leads to a brawl at the reception. Annabel tries to sort things out with Simon in a cubicle but he says it’s over, and wanted her as humiliated as possible.

Lara treats a volleyball player, Naomi, with a displaced coli’s fracture. She faces an operation but wants to come back in the morning as she wants to attend a job interview first. Patrick disagrees with Lara’s decision to allow her to discharge herself, but is forced to back down.

Sales Rep, Bob Driscoll, comes in wanting to pick up a G&N prescription, Dillon treats him in triage. Not thinking it’s serious, he goes to see Patrick. Meanwhile, Bob discharges himself, but collapses with an MI in the car park. He recovers in Resus.

Comfort and Fin pick up Eddie, who is coming in for a transplant. Tanya, who he is having an affair with, wishes to come with him, but he tells her to return to her family. Tanya gives Comfort her phone number and a photograph of them both. In the ambulance, Eddie’s condition deteriorates and he suffers a heart attack. He refuses treatment, but Patrick tells him they have to cancel off his transplant operation anyway and if he refuses treatment he will die, Eddie reluctantly agrees to treatment. Comfort, upset at the situation, calls Tanya to break the news.

Lara and Patrick play fight and cuddle in the staffroom – about to kiss, Max calls Lara away.


* Simon, groom – head and nose injury from fight.

* Jules, best man – cut hand.

* Naomi – volleyball play with displaced coli’s fracture.

* Eddie Ramphasan – awaiting transplant, has a heart attack.

* Bob Driscoll – has an MI in the car park.

First Scene/ words

Bride Annabel is grabbed by the best man Jules;

Annabel : Get off me Jules!

Jules : Just wanted to say you look gorgeous!

Annabel : Shouldn’t you be rehearsing your speech?

Last Scene/ words

Lara and Patrick are play fighting in the staff room;

Patrick : So does that mean you’re not working this weekend?

Lara : Well a girl can’t study all the time [Max walks past]

Max : Patrick you’re off shift! Lara I need you! [Lara & Max exit]

Patrick : You’re not the only one Max!

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