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Cas Series

5.9 A Will to Die – 2/11/90

s5e9S5 E9 (2 Nov 90) : A Will to Die by Christopher Penfold

Episode Summary

A man, Peter Gosford, meets his wife, Claudia’s best friend, Jenny Fairfax, for love on a canal boat. Jenny throws a match towards the bin after lighting a cigarette, but with the gas fire turned on, it causes an explosion. Jenny is severely burnt, and Peter has minor burns. Claudia turns up to see him and is angry, but after a talk with Charlie, she makes friends with Jenny, as Jenny is taken to the Aston Burns unit.

A black prisoner, Paul Grant, on remand is brought in after being found beaten in his cell. He confides in Beth that he has been raped, and that the two prison officers who are with him were involved in getting him attacked. He is taken up to theatre to remove a ruptured spleen.

Before his shift, Jimmy plays chess with an alcoholic tramp, Frank Gidman, who is a regular at A&E – he later collapses in the street. He has chronic pacronititis, and has already discharged himself many times before getting the operation he needs. His estranged mother, Mrs McKenzie, a well dressed jeweller, visits him and Beth persuades her to take him in and get him to have the operation.

An anorexic girl, Fenella, is brought in by her bossy mother, Harriet. While waiting in reception, Fenella, goes in the toilets and overdoses on tryciclix, which she has just been prescribed by her GP. In the cubicle, Megan gets her to talk, before she arrests and dies in CRASH.

Duffy’s childminding problems continue, tired and upset, her Mum offers to look after him for a few days and [ID 378]Tony[/ID] tells Megan he has got a job in Manchester.


* Jenny Fairfax – severe burns.

* Peter Gosford – minor burns.

* Fenella Chivers – anorexic art student, overdoses on tryciclix and dies in CRASH.

* Frank Gidman – alcoholic tramp with pancronititis.

* Paul Grant – prisoner who’s been attacked and raped – fractured ribs, arm and ruptured spleen.

* Mr Collins – cut on head.

* Jill – girl with broken arm.

First Scene/words

Baby Peter is crying;

Duffy : There isn’t anything more I can do! Shut up! Just shut-

Duffy’s Mum : Shhh… shhh… there, there.

Duffy : I’m sorry, sorry, I’m a nurse and I’m not even good enough to… (crying)

Duffy’s Mum: You’re tired and you need sleep.

Last Scene/words

Julian : I think you better call it a day.

Staff : Yeah…

(Beth goes and sees Harriet in Reception)

Beth : I’m sorry.

Notable Facts

* Dominic Jephcott (Alistair in Holby City) plays Peter Gosford.

* Doreen Mantle (One Foot in the Grave) plays Mrs Duffin.

* Liza Walker plays Fenella Chivers.

* David Harewood (The Vice) plays Paul Grant.

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