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Cas Series

S22 E15

S22 E15 (8 Dec 07) : Behind Closed Doors by Mark Catley

Episode Summary

Charlie’s troubles with Louis are not getting any easier as Louis’s truanting escalates. This leads to an incident in the ED, seen by Marilyn Fox. It embarrasses Charlie at a time when his position is already in jeopardy – the decision is looming as to who stays, him or Tess.Ruth is in her halls of residence, but can’t sleep. Someone nearby is having a party, so she gives up and decides to do some studying.

Toby, meanwhile, writes his letter of resignation while in the on-call room at Holby ED. His confidence is at rock bottom and he’s doubting his vocation.

Two recent lottery winners, Jo and Luke, wake up at a farm. Later in the day Luke is working, and shovels ingredients into a mixer, but Jo won’t let him have a break until he’s finished. Luke reveals he has tied up his winnings in investments suggested by a financial advisor. Jo loses her temper and throws things at Luke, causing him to lose his balance. His foot gets caught in the mixer and is horribly mangled.

Greg is later called to a residential address as a postman has noticed a body lying on the floor. As the crew treat the man, his partner, Hannah, arrives back at the house. Hannah walks in and is shocked at what she sees – the man, Martin, is barely conscious. Adam tries to establish why Martin is so ill, and pieces together the chronology against Martin’s medical condition. In a panic, Hannah admits that Martin had, in fact, been lying there for much longer, and that she had been hoping he would die so she could have his money.

Notable Facts

* Geoffrey Leesley plays Luke Warner.

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