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HC Past Series

S8 E28

Episode Summary

Tricia is back and her presence certainly causes a stir amongst the Williams family. There is friction between [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] and Tricia all day and Chrissie is becoming increasingly suspicious.

A patient of Connie’s, Lawrence Brennan, arrives with a chest infection. Connie tells him he has lung disease and is in the last stages. Meanwhile a worker, Margaret, of his is concerned she may also be ill due to a butter substitute being used at their factory. Mark makes an error with Lawrence’s IV drip enfuriating Connie. Later his condition deteriorates and he dies.

At the end of shift, Chrissie drags her parents into an office and demands to know what’s going on. When no one will tell her, Chrissie calls Mark a coward and questions how they could be related. She is shocked to then learn that Mark is not her real father.

A camera crew are following Nick in the department as they are to film the hospital promo video. A woman, Anthea, has been in hospital for three days awaiting a gall bladder operation. Nick manages to get her a slot, on the condition she is filmed by the crew, but when she backs out, she loses her place and is only operated on when Diane thinks her condition is worsening. Ric attempts to show Diane the real Nick and is underhand motives, but it backfires when she chooses Nick as her supervisor, not him.

Kyla brings Max into work again. His father, Harvey, is supposed to take him to a football trial but cancels at the last minute. Kyla struggles to juggle her job and look after him as Lola looks on unimpressed. Justin steps in and offers to take him.

Kyla is treating a patient, Daniel, who has been beaten up. She learns his brother-in-law attacked him when Daniel admitted to him he had unlawful feelings for young children, although hadn’t acted on them. Kyla has little sympathy for Daniel, who says he hates feeling the way he does.


* Anthea Saunders- gall bladder.

* Lawrence Brennan – dies of lung diease.

* Daniel King – beaten up.

Notable Facts

* Diane tells Connie she didn’t know about the camera crew coming. ‘Why would you have worn better shoes?’ Connie asks.

* Tricia is back at Holby and tells her daughter ‘Thought I’d come shake things up a bit!’

* Kyla says of Justin and Donna, ‘You’ll be the perfect catalogue couple – all the bubbles, but not a thought between you’.

* Tricia finds Mark outside after his error with a patient, ‘Last time I saw you smoke was when we got divorced.’

* ‘I wish you hadn’t come back,’ Mark tells Tricia. She retorts ‘I wish I wasn’t the only one holding this family together’.

* Tricia tells Mark he has to move on, but Mark doesn’t want to lie. She says ‘It takes guts to bury it. I’m trying to protect Chrissie – what are you doing?’

* ‘Why lie to me?’ Diane asks Nick, when he didn’t tell her the whole truth. ‘Because your opinions matter to me,’ he tells her, flattering her further.

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