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Cas Series

S20 E32

S20 E32 (8 Apr 06) : Blind Spots by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

Ellen is alone in the staffroom. She reads the letter containing details of her first chemo session but defiantly throws it in the bin. When Harry asks about Ellen’s test results, she lies and says she’s fine and got the all clear. Kelsey is being supportive of her pregnancy and Ellen can’t tell her the truth, she’s going to let everyone make their own assumptions. Nina is furious with Ellen for lying to everyone. Ellen snaps and tells Tess and Kelsey she’s not pregnant – there is no baby and never was. They think she must have made it all up. She breaks down when Nina comes to see her, she wants to know why her, she can’t bear not thinking about the future. She can’t face the chemo session but Nina assures her she will be with her every step of the way.

Elsewhere, Luke is taken in by a teenage lad, Bobby, who says he has been mugged and needs money. Charlie tries to warn Luke but he hotly defends his new friend. Later, Luke and Comfort are called to an emergency at the boy’s home and Luke discovers that he stole money from his parents and used it to buy more drugs. Luke’s fed up of being duped by people.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s son Louis skips youth club to go to a bike park with his friend, Niall. However he is admitted after a skating accident causes him a leg injury. Louis takes a real shine to Maggie and after Niall teases him that his Dad is gay because he lives with Josh, Louis claims Maggie is his girlfriend.

New CCTV cameras have been put in place but Selena is still suspicious of Nathan, thinking he is just covering his tracks. Meanwhile Nathan holds a meeting for staff but is annoyed when barely anyone shows up.

Lorry driver, Jo, has a near-miss crash and collapses as she gets out of her lorry. In hospital, her daughter is concerned she is being worked too hard, trying to fit in as a female driver. However Harry discovers she has multiple sclerosis which Jo hasn’t come to terms with yet. Later her boss also admits to fancying her.


* Jo Warwick – multiple sclerosis.

* Louis Fairhead – leg injury.

* Niall Andrews – minor injuries.

* Bobby Glazebrook – attacked, head injury.

Notable Facts

* Jack Dedman plays Louis Fairhead.

* Tracey Whitwell plays Jo Warwick.

* ‘Be careful with them’ Alice snaps at Kelsey when she touches her plants. ‘Keep your hair on Charlie Dimmock!’ she retorts.

* Guppy keeps calling Alice ‘Alex’ in error, much to her dismay.

* ‘It’s my problem and I’ll deal with it in my way’ Ellen tells Nina, who is annoyed she has lied to everyone about her condition.

* When Kelsey is the only member of nursing staff to attend Nathan’s meeting, Kelsey complains at Tess ‘He made me feel like I was a receptionist – [to Alice] no offence Dimmock!’

* Upset in the staffroom, Ellen tells Nina ‘Just a few weeks ago I was imagining myself as a mother now I don’t know if I’m going to be here… I can’t face this Nina’. She replies ‘You can – I’ll be with you every step of the way!’

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