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Cas Series

3.08 Living Memories – 21/10/88

S3 E8 (21 Oct 88) : Living Memories by Sam Snape

Episode Summary

Paramedics, Keith and Shirley, bring in a young girl, Rachel, with breathing difficulties. Megan looks after her distraught mother, Mary, while in CRASH Med Reg, Peter, performs a tracheotomy. She survives.

Valerie conducts a ‘customer survey’ in the department, quizzing patients about their treatment including a woman, Chrissie, who was attacked with a razor blade.

Sixteen year old, Peter, is let out by his Grandma, to go and see his girlfriend, Susan Martin. But on his way back, by bike, a man walking his dog finds him unconscious by the side of the road. They believe he was involved in a hit and run. The Grandma and his younger sister, Emma, go with him, while the police wait to tell his parents, Donald and Jenny, who have been at the cinema. Scans show that his brain is dead, but Donald won’t agree to his organs being donated for transplant. David turns off the machine.

Two charity fund raisers in fancy dress (a bird and rabbit) are brought in drunk, Harry ‘the rabbit’, was thrown through a glass window after an argument. After sobering up, they apologise for their behaviour.

A woman, Sarah, is brought in with sickness and stomach pains, by her boss, Rupert. They have been having an affair, and he rushes off to go back to his wife. Kiran comforts her as she goes in to surgery.

And an old man, Joshua, is brought in with thigh lacerations after his wife attacked him. Valerie is annoyed that he has been put on a bed in the corridor, because they can’t afford to send him a taxi home. Charlie offers to help Valerie with her survey.

Alison and Kiran plan to move into Cyril’s flat. Kiran is worried her strict Asian parents won’t agree, but goes ahead with the move.

At the end of shift, David receives two visitors – Mary thanks him for his work on saving her daughter, while Donald wishes to change his mind on donation – but it’s too late.


* Paul Peterson – 16 years old, after a suspected hit and run, he falls off his bike. His severe head injuries prove fatal, his brain is dead. They switch of the ventilator keeping him alive.

* 7 year old Rachel, breathing difficulties – has a tracheotomy.

* Chrissie – woman attacked with razor blades.

* Sarah – sickness an stomach pains – has tests and goes to surgery.

* Harry, dressed up as a rabbit for a charity run and drunk, he is pushed through a glass door after an argument.

* Joshua Maggie – old man, kicked by wife, has thigh lacerations.

First Scene/words

Keith : 3000 to Holby Control, can you put me through to Holby Casualty?

Charlie : Holby Casualty.

Keith : One female, aged 7, breathing difficulties. ETA about 10 minutes.

Charlie : That’s the farmer’s daughter.

Last Scene/words

Donald : I want to change on my mind, I’d like Paul to be a donor, I’m too late aren’t I?

David : I’m very sorry.

Donald : I’m sorry.

(Student Nurses are laughing, David and Sadie give eachother sad glances)

Notable Facts

* Pauline Quirke plays Mary.

* John Challis (Boycie in Only Fools and Horses) plays Harry.

* David Hargreaves plays Donald.

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