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Cas Series

3.10 Caring – 4/11/88

S3 E10 (4 Nov 88) : Caring by Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Kuba is moody and snaps at Sadie – he’s worried about losing his job. A leukemia victim, Bill Potter, takes an overdose during the final weeks of his life, he dies, and Duffy tells his distraught wife, Lucy. David wants to keep her in, fearing she is suicidal, but she goes home.

An arthritic man, Kevin Forbes, is brought in by his brother, Robert. He’s suffering from hemotemosis – side effects from a drug prescribed by his GP. Kevin dies, and David discovers the GP is their own new Locum Med Reg, Dr Roth.

A retired couple, both former doctors, arrive. The lady, Mrs Patent, has collapsed. David diagnoses a rectal carcinoma, which she has hidden from her husband, Richard, because of her fears that it is cancer. David sees her in the morning, and he discusses his future, hoping to work in paediatrics.

An old lady, Mrs Dulrimple, is brought in after scalding her hand while boiling her handkerchiefs. David shocks her when he reveals the night water she has been drinking contains alcohol – when she believed she had been sober for many years.

And Cyril has trouble with walkabout punk, Tony, who has a cut head and chest infection – he is also starving, so Cyril gets him some food.

Cyril and Alison are planning their house warming party the following Saturday. Megan reveals to Sadie her marriage problems – when she told Ted she was moving to Cheltenham, he didn’t sound keen. As Charlie changes Valerie’s bandage, he asks her for dinner on Friday, before being called away. At the end of shift, she teases him, before accepting. And the staff have a wheelchair race round the ward – Shirley wins.


* Mrs Dulrimple – old lady with scalded hand.

* Bill Potter – bed ridden with leukemia, overdoses and dies on opium on his final weeks of life.

* Kevin Forbes – arthritic man with hemotemesis, dies..

* Mrs Patent – retired doctor with rectal carcinoma.

* Tony – a punk with cut head and chest infection.

First Scene/words

Man : You’re very impressive but I’m using another non steroidal on patients with diagnosis, and I can’t see from what you’ve shown me that there’s any difference between them

W : Ted Rex

M : Yes

Last Scene/words

David : Changes every week, at the moment it’s Paediatrics.

Kuba : OK OK Kuba Trzcinski accept.

Kiran : OK let’s burn rubber! (wheelchair race)

Alison : Sorry David, you’re needed.

Sadie : Ready, get set, go go go!

Notable Facts

* Clive Mantle (Mike Barratt) plays Robert Forbes, the brother of patient Kevin, who dies.

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