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Cas Series

S16 E08

S16 E8 (3 Nov 01) : For My Next Trick by Vicky Cleaver

Episode Summary

Patrick has a go at Lara for standing him up. She tells him she knows he has a girlfriend.

Charlie prepares his speech for a charity event, which himself and Jan are attending. While in A&E, the staff aren’t looking forward to a film crew coming in, especially on one of their busiest nights. Louise Shaw, who is fronting the video however, faints and is taken to a cubicle. She is hypoglycemic, and Dillon discovers she has been taking slimming pills. Louise is attracted to Patrick, but Lara tells him he’s married for a joke.

A taxi driver, Chris and his soldier passenger, Andrew, are involved in an RTA with a lorry. Andrew has severe spinal injuries, and Max tells him and his worried mother, Sharon, that he may never walk again. Driver, Chris has a dislocated shoulder, but reveals to be having headaches prior to the crash, which may have caused the accident.

Two men, Dave and Jez have a fireworks contest, but Jez tampers with one of the fireworks which explodes injuring his partner, Fi and his friend Dave. Fi has minor burns, but Dave has more severe facial burns.

A magician comes in with burns to his hand. Spencer and him get on, due to their similar backgrounds. Charlie, dressed in a suit, is ready to leave when Spencer accidentally spills liquid on his coat. Jack gives him the magician’s coat. During his speech, Jan is annoyed when he abuses his position by talking about underfunding of the NHS – and the crowd are amused when he takes out of his pocket a long coloured handkerchief. Jan tells him off, before they make up and go back to hers.

Max discovers drugs in Amanda’s son [ID 289]Ben[/ID]’s coat pocket. At first he denies it, but later comes in to A&E asking for his help, and hopes he will provide him with morphine. Max refuses.

Anna is chuffed when Dillon agrees to go for a drink with her, although when they get to the pub, other staff members are there. Chloe’s boyfriend, Jason, asks her a job in his new club. She agrees.


* Chris Smedley – taxi driver with dislocated shoulder from RTA. Previous headaches could have caused the accident.

* Andrew Martin – young soldier also in RTA. Severe spinal injuries – faces permanent paralysis.

* Louise Shaw – presenting video, hypoglycemic from slimming pills she has been taken.

* Dave Taylor – severe burns to face after firework explodes.

* Fi – minor burns from firework explosion.

* Magician – burns to hand.

First Scene/ words

Taxi, driver Chris and soldier, Andrew are chatting;

Chris : Good regiment that

Andrew : Yeah

Chris : I did six years myself, great life

Andrew : Why did you pack it in then?

Chris : Great life for a single man, according to my Mrs anyway.

Last Scene/ words

Max and Ben are in Max’s office;

Ben : Well?

Max : Ben I told you, I can’t give you morphine!

Ben : Give it to me! (walks off annoyed – we see Max did have morphine in his hand, but he puts it back in his drawer)

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