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Cas Series

S16 E02

S16 E2 (22 Sep 01) : Dirty Laundry by Clive Dawson & Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Sergeant Rachel James interviews Josh, Nikki and Fin. Fin is forced to agree Josh was driving too fast. Paramedic boss, Jeff McGuire suspends Josh from driving and talks to the staff, warning them not to go through red lights unless it’s necessary. Fin angrily shouts at him, as he doesn’t realise the pressure they are under.

Danny Oldfield, who died in the ambulance crash last episode’s sister, Lynn, arrives in A&E. Charlie takes her to see his body and Dillon talks her through his last moments. She thanks Josh before realising his involvement and Max takes her aside to tell her how he died. She bumps into Josh again, but before he can apologise, she tells him she hopes he can live with the guilt.

Lara Stone is announced to be the new SHO, who starts next week, and after a previous stint in Sierra Leone, is dubbed ‘Lara Croft’.

Colette’s daughter, Natalie, visits her and announces being five months pregnant. Colette is shocked but happy for her, but Natalie tells her the experience means she doesn’t want to see Colette again. Colette is hurt and upset at losing her daughter again.

Patrick gets a postcard from Holly, but is still seeing married Rachel. Chloe decides to get a loan and a second job to help her money problems.

At the airport, Simon Kingston is brought in with chest pains and sickness after returning from Israel. Patrick discovers he is suffering from decompression sickness after diving on holiday. Two air stewardesses, Lisa and Sherilyn arrive, Lisa with whom he had a fling with. He is worn out after all their outgoing activities and suggests some time indoors, but she doesn’t sound impressed and leaves. Jack, however, speaks to Sherilyn and asks her for a date. He then has to decide between a date with her or patient, Delight. Dillon persuades him to choose Delight, and when he meets Delight at the club, realises ‘she’ is a transsexual. Jack ends up getting advice off Delight about women.

Comfort and Fin bring in a man, Tom, who has been mugged and has lacerations to his throat. He is saved in CRASH. Their next call is to a building site where worker, Joe, has suffered a panic attack high up in a crane. Fin talks him down on a deal that Fin will stick up to his boss. On his way home, Fin tells Jeff that he can wash the blood off his uniform tonight.


* Simon Kingston – 19 years old, decompression sickness after diving.

* Tom Mills – mid 30’s, throat lacerations after being stabbed.

* Joe – worker on a building site, suffers panic attack.

First Scene/ words

Josh is making a statement;

Josh : The patient was waiting, if you can go through lights safely, you do go through, the road was clear

Rachel : It evidentially wasn’t

Josh : The road appeared from what I could see to be clear, then we went through the lights and on to the junction

Rachel : And you were accelerating again at this point because in the context of Danny Oldfield’s death, this is really quite a crucial point.

Last Scene/ words

Jeff : Fin, private word, don’t make trouble over this Josh business, if he goes down you could end up going down with him.

Fin : (walks off, then turns back) Jeff, I’ve got something for you (takes uniform out of his bag and throws it at him) You was it tonight, I am so not in the mood. (walks off and smiles)

Notable Facts

* Charis Thomas plays Natalie.

* Jack had been singing ‘Who let the dogs out’ all shift, when it comes on his radio, he accidentally puts the sound up – angering Max who puts his radio in a water bucket.

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