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Cas Character

Jodie Whyte

Played by Anna Chell


S37 E26 ‘Welcome to the Warzone’ –

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Jodie enters a bar and gets talking to a man.

Jodie: A little presumptive of you to think I’m on a date.


Estranged Dad, Max Cristie, Grandmother Stella


Jodie’s a wild child and arrives on her first shift at Holby ED hungover! Jodie likes to work hard and party even harder and she strives to keep the personal and professional separate… only life doesn’t quite work like that. When she discovered that her estranged father, Max, was also her boss, the lines between personal and professional became even more blurred. Still struggling from the loss of her mother, Jodie makes friends with her fellow nurses, Rida, Ryan and Cam – Cam who secretly has a crush on her.

Jodie makes a decision to leave Holby, finding it hard working alongside Max – who people firstly assume she is having a relationship with. However following an explosion at her leaving party venue, Max rushes to her rescue and ends up collapsing. Jodie realises that he does care about her.

In Series 38, Jodie meets Max’s mum, Stella, when she is brought in as a patient. Stella realises Max is ill and in need of a kidney transplant, but doesn’t want Jodie to know. Jodie later learns the truth from Stella and questions her motives for getting in touch. Jodie eventually offers to be a donor which Max at first refuses but realises it’s his only chance of survival. After the successful operation, Max decides to recuperate in Sudan leaving Jodie stunned.

Jodie also starts a relationship with Teddy, whilst Cam is heartbroken on the sidelines.

Memorable Moments

  • S37 E26 – Jodie makes her debut and angrily confronts Max saying he will never be her Dad.
  • S37 E31 – Jodie’s drink is spiked on a night out.
  • S37 E34 – Max tries to make amends on the anniversary of Jodie’s mum’s death.
  • S37 E37 – Max is caught up in an explosion at Jodie’s leaving party.
  • S38 E3 – Max’s mother, Stella, turns up as a patient and meets Jodie.
  • S38 E5 – Jodie learns from Stella that Max needs a kidney transplant and questions her motives for wanting them to meet.
  • S38 E8 – Jodie and Teddy kiss.
  • S38 E13 – Jodie tells Max, she is a match for a transplant but at first callously refuses to accept it before agreeing to it.
  • S38 E16 – Jodie is stunned when Max decides to leave for Sudan for his recovery and doesn’t even say a proper goodbye.

Love Interests

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