S12 E34

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S12 E34 (19 May 10) : Time and Tide (Part Two) by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

The flash flood continues to cause havoc at Holby City, in the concluding episode of this two-part story. Mark proves to be a great leader in a crisis with everyone turning to him for answers. When power is eventually restored in the hospital, Davina has to concede that he’s a clear front runner for the chief executive officer job.

Donna and Maria are stuck in the lift. Mia is missing and Donna worries that she may have been taken by Terry, a suspected paedophile. Her fears are allayed when Greg (soon to be registrar on Darwin) finds her. Maria then realises what the sister job means to Donna and decides to hand in her notice, leaving Holby City to take the job in Tanzania.

Connie is still operating on patient Elaine, who is starved of oxygen due to the power cut. It’s early stages, but Connie has to explain to Kevin that Elaine may have permanent brain damage.

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