S8 E18

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s8e18S18 E18 (15 Jan 94) : Tippers by Nick McCarty

Episode Summary

Dave Masters has now replaced Karen full-time.

A lorry carrying untreated toxic waste swerves to avoid a pedestrian, hits a pile of sand and bricks and overturns, spilling its load over the road. A paper boy phones for an ambulance and sits with the unconscious driver until the police arrive. By now a crowd has gathered. The driver is taken to Holby, and a policeman is admitted with blisters to his hands, mouth and eyes. Later the paper boy is rushed to casualty with sores on his face. The boy’s condition quickly deteriorates, and he dies.

Mark tells Jane that he is leaving Holby, though he will not say where his new job is. Jane is angry that he is dumping all the problems in her lap. She later sees a fax from Mark’s new employer – a tobacco company. Ash realises that Mark’s leak to the press was to make staff grateful to management for closing Queens and not Holby.

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