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Cas Series

S19 E07

S19 E7 (16 Oct 04) : When The Devil Drives by Paul Ebbs

Episode Summary

Fin’s disappearance is featured in the local paper and Comfort is frantic with worry. She breaks down in front of Tess and wonders whether Fin will ever find out that she is pregnant.

Luke drops off an envelope, containing money, at Kate’s house. Her boyfriend turns up at work and threatens Luke, pushing him to the ground. Josh scares him off but warns Luke to stay away from Kate, or he could end up getting hurt.

Abs hints to Nina that Ellen’s father abuses her. Nina is enraged and calls Ellen a liar. However, she wants to sort things out with Abs and invites him to go bowling with her that night but Jim, Selena and Ellen end up coming along, too. A tearful Ellen tries to leave, saying she is not in the mood to have fun. Abs tries to talk to her but Ellen kisses him, just as Nina walks in.

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