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Cas Series

S10 E16

S10 E16 (30 Dec 95) : Castles in the Air by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

It is New Year’s Eve. When Jude goes to her locker she realises that the lock is broken and her bag, including all her credit cards and money, has been stolen. She, reasonably, is upset. Matt, however, looks very thoughtful and later on he returns with Jude’s bag, saying he found it outside the hospital. Kate does not buy this explanation and Matt reveals that his dad stole it. Trevor wants to get the Police involved, but Matt promises to make sure that his father will not steal anything from them again. Matt goes to give his dad a train ticket, saying that he would better disappear, claiming that the Police already is after him.

Daniel is helping Mr Kahn, an old man with retention. He does not seem to know what he is doing, but he cannot find anyone to help him. Later on he also ends up in trouble with Mike after Daniel has got one of his patients straight up to the ward, while Mike has got a patient with the same illness, but who has had to wait for a bed for hours. The only difference seems to be that Daniel’s patient comes from a fund-holding GP whereas Mike’s does not and Mike gives Henry Reeve-Jones a few selected words over this. Daniel also admits to Jude that he will not make it to surgery, since Mike will not give the references. Jude is trying to make him cheer up, leaving Matt thinking that something is going on between Jude and Daniel.

Rachel runs into Tim pushing a woman in a wheel chair and he proves to be working temporarily at the hospital. Kate thinks that Rachel has fixed it, calling it true love. Apparently Tim has been telling everyone about Rachel and him seeing each other and Rachel is upset that even Kate believed in him.

Kath Needle, an old woman, goes to buy some potatoes to eat at New Year’s Eve. On the way back home she falls over in the stairs and even though she is brought in, she cannot be saved. Her husband seems to be suffering from dementia and does not understand what has happened to Kath, thinking she still is alive.

Louis Webster, a ten-year-old boy, is suffering from asthma, and his father building in the house and smoking indoors does not seem to help. The drugs he has do not seem to work and they decide to take him to hospital. However, on the way their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In the end they get someone to call an ambulance, but instead of the paramedics arriving, a man who is pretending to be a paramedic comes and gives the boy adrenaline and then drives them to hospital in his own car. By the time they get Louis into resus he has arrested because of the large overdose of adrenaline, but they manage to save him. His father goes to pick up their car and when he arrives he can see the false paramedic there as well. He starts driving after him and when the man leaves his car he beats him up badly.


*Mr Kahn, retention

*Kath Needle, old woman who falls down some stairs

*Louis Webster, asthmatic boy, given overdose of adrenaline

First Scene/ words

Two men are in the garden and a little boy is playing football in the background.

Simon: I heard yoou’re planning an extention of your place?

Graham: Yeah. What’re you up to?

Simon: Garage conversion. Gonna make it into an office. Run the whole business from there, or that’s the plan.

Last Scene/ words

Baz and Peter are leaving together. Through a window, Ash and Charlie are watching them leave.

Charlie: Do you think he bought his way up the trust, I might just be being paranoid?

Ash: Charlie, who cares?

Charlie: I do. He never leaves her alone, doesn’t he? Always in her face. I don’t know when he’s gonna pop up next.

Ash: Did you ring Zoe?

Charlie: ….no

Charlie watches Baz through the window again.

Ash: Charlie, forget it man, give it up.

Charlie: you’re right, I know you’re right. Make it my New Year resolution, shall I?

Episode Quotes

Rachel (about Daniel trying to help Mr Kahn, the man with retention): Mr Can’t meets Mr I Don’t Know How.

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