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Cas Series

6.08 Living in Hope – 25/10/91

s6e8S6 E8 (25 Oct 91) : Living in Hope by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Duffy’s son, Peter is celebrating his second birthday, meanwhile her boyfriend Paul is pressurising her to leave nursing. Duffy tries to tell Charlie throughout the shift, but after a busy shift, she never gets round to it.

A young woman, Sarah, who’s just been visiting at her fiancé, Mike’s father’s house, leaves riding her bike along a narrow country lane, when a lorry from the other direction, with driver, Tony Philby, inside crashes into her. Tom rushes to a nearby house, which happens to be Mike’s father, and they call 999. At A&E, Julian tells her that her right leg is severely damaged and cannot be saved.

Overworked business woman, Stephanie Freeman, collapses after a meeting in the hotel. Her work partner and boyfriend, Alan, visits her in Holby, where she reveals to have endometriosis and now realises she has to take it easy.

Kelly treats a young woman, Nikki, who has a cut face, after being beaten up by her boyfriend, Steve. Kelly gets too involved and when Steve arrives, she tries to stop him seeing her. Ash is punched and assaulted by Steve in the process, needing stitches. Kelly rushes outside to talk to Nikki, but Steve persuades Nikki to get back with him.

Paramedics pick up two student backpackers, Kim and Dave, from a coach station. Dave has collapsed and is taken straight to CRASH. Ash finds out from Kim they have both swallowed condoms packed with heroin. Kelly is told to take Kim to a cubicle and stay with her, but she persuades Kelly to let her go to the toilet. Kim goes into the men’s loos, where she also collapses. Julian is furious with Kelly when they can’t find her, but she is annoyed no-one tells her what’s going on. Jimmy discovers Kim, and the CRASH team try to revive her in the toilets, but fail. Duffy and Charlie warn Kelly about her lax attitude but she snaps back and walks out.


* Sarah – hit by lorry, right leg amputated.

* Tom Philby – lorry driver with minor cuts.

* Stephanie Freeman – endometriosis.

* Nikki Watson – cuts to face after being hit by boyfriend.

* Dave – collapsed from heroin condoms in stomach.

* Kim Frayne – dies from heroine overdose

* Man – injured spine, complains at waiting and makes a written complaint.

* Old woman – keeps wandering off.

First Scene/words

Paul is singing Happy Birthday to Peter;

Duffy : Paul.. Paul, have you seen my hat?

Paul : Yes, it’s lovely (it’s on his head) Worth a kiss?

Duffy : (they kiss) Mmm I’ll be late.

Paul : How about breakfast?

Duffy : I’ll grab something at work.

Paul : You can grab something here if you like…

Last Scene/words

Kelly leaves office after stern words with Charlie and Duffy;

Charlie : (Answers phone) Yes. Oh hello, yes, she’s here.. it’s Paul.

Duffy : Oh right. (Charlie leaves) Hi Paul, no, no I’m sorry…

Notable Facts

* Jerome Flynn plays Alan Deacon.

* Julia Sawalha plays Nikki Watson.

* Charlie gets Duffy’s son a toy rabbit and a card in the shape of a Red Indian’s face.

* Iron Maiden’s ‘Daughter to the Slaughter’ and also ‘Ace of Spades’ plays in this episode.

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