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Cas Series

S17 E40

S17 E40 (21 Jun 03) : A Special Day by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Nikki and Jack prepare for their big day in the 400th episode of CASUALTY, but, a plot is being hatched by the notorious Vinnay, which clouds the joyous occasion. Dillon, who wakes with a blonde, picks Nikki up in a vintage ambulance and confesses that it is Bex who has put him in such a good mood. They stop en route to tend to an injured man on the roadside. It turns out to be one of Vinnay’s henchmen, who then attacks and shoots Dillon while Nikki is bundled into the boot of their car.

Jack is devastated when he thinks Nikki has got cold feet, until he receives a picture message on his mobile phone of his handcuffed bride and is given instructions on how to pay back the money he owes Vinnay.

Dillon is brought into casualty on a stretcher and Bex, wearing last night’s dress and, until now, a satisfied grin, is stunned. She is pushed aside and has to bear Roxy’s tears and confession that she still loves Dillon. When Dillon arrests, Lara is so shaken she cannot complete the procedure but somehow manages to save him.

Meanwhile, Jack follows Vinnay to a tattered boat where Nikki is being held hostage. His attempts to rescue her are scuppered and he is forced to surrender. Under duress, Tony reveals all to the police, who then set off in hot pursuit. Vinnay panics and shoots Jack in the knee and locks the couple in the cabin before torching the boat and releasing it from the quay.

Vinnay and his sidekick are captured as Nikki tries to break out of the cabin with Jack who, with his wounded leg, cannot possibly swim free. He pushes Nikki overboard telling her he loves her insisting she swim towards Tony. They can only watch on in horror as the boat explodes with Jack still aboard …

Screencaps : S17 E40

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