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Cas Series

S8 E09

s8e9S8 E9 (13 Nov 93) : High Rollers by Sam Snape

Episode Summary

Sandra’s husband Kevin goes to work. She is cross as she wanted him to stay at home with her, and she thinks that he is working too much and they are getting no time alone. When one of her male neighbours, Tom, invites her to go and watch him in a car race, she accepts. After the race, she and Tom go into the back of a Lorry together. Another woman sees them and, seemingly jealous, drives her car straight into the back of the van. Sandra has a broken leg and also finds out that she is pregnant. Tom has more serious injuries and later dies. Kevin arrives to visit Sandra, and says he doesn’t want to know when she says that she was with another man. However, when she tells him he is pregnant, he will not believe the baby is his, even though Sandra and Tom had not slept together. He tells her she has to have an abortion. She says that she could never do that, and tells Kevin she wants a divorce.

Duffy and Andrew go to their doctor. They want to have a baby but Duffy can’t get pregnant. The doctor books them in for tests.

Jennifer Granby comes in with bad pains in her head and neck. She is diagnosed with a brain tumour that is incurable. Her ex-husband arrives, and he wants them to get back together. Jennifer doesn’t tell him about the brain tumour, but tells him she has someone else, as she does not want him to have to look after her when she is dying.

A young girl, Molly, is upset and angry when her dad cannot go on the family charity walk she is organised because he has to go to work. She goes alone with her mum. When her mum stops the car, Molly gets straight out. A lorry is heading for her, but the driver swerves when he sees her, crashing straight into the car where her mum is. When in hospital, Molly’s mum needs to be taken to ITU, but there are no beds free. She later dies, just as a bed in ITU becomes free. Molly blames her dad and Mike, who was treating her mum, for her death.

A group of men are playing cards in a club. The game gets serious, but just as it is about to end, one of the men, Harry, collapses. He is taken into A&E but when his cubicle is unattended, the other men involved in the game sneak in and they carry on with the game. Harry wins the game, but collapses again. He is taken to resus and told not to put himself under any stress in the near future.

Mark talks to Mike about the woman who died. Mark says that there should be no legal action taken as he thinks that the woman probably would have died anyway. Mike gets angry, he says that they should worry about the patients and their families before things such as legal action.

Brian and Josh argue at a shout. Afterwards, Josh says that they do not argue in front of a patient, things can be said afterwards. Brian says that he is just trying to get everything right.

Jane tries to help Charlie with a shift rota. She says that if her idea is put into action, there will be more money available to spend on other things. Charlie dismisses her idea, saying that the hospital needs so many things that it cannot be solved just by changing the rota.


* Tom – Dies after being crushed.

* Sandra – Broken leg.

* Harry – Collapses.

* Jennifer Granby – Brain Tumour.

* Molly’s mum – Chest injuries after a lorry hits her car. She later dies.

First Scene/words

Sandra is hanging up her washing, watching as Tom polishes his car.

Last Scene/words

Mike looks over the balcony, and Molly stares up at him. She is led away by her Dad.

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