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Cas Series

S19 E17

S19 E17 (26 Dec 04) : Casualty @ Holby City (Part One) by Johanne McAndrew

Episode Summary

Casualty and Holby City are thrown together to create an action-packed emotional and dramatic rollercoaster, as friendships are forged between the different departments and lives are changed forever.

Bob is driving a fuel tanker whilst talking to his pregnant wife Shirley on his mobile. Shirley is in labour and is being taken to Holby City in an ambulance by Luke and Rosie. As Shirley is shouting at Bob to hurry up and get to the hospital, Bob swerves to miss a pedestrian and crashes through the wall of AAU, and smashing into the reception area.

Harry takes charge and organises the treatment of patients in the immediate area. Connie is performing a heart transplant on a young girl called Zoe when the tanker hits. She tells Harry that although as Medical Director taking charge of emergency procedures is technically her role, she will continue to operate on Zoe. As the tanker is leaking petrol and diesel, Harry and Connie decide to shut the power off on the ground floor and are forced to use emergency battery packs.

Harry has called Jim in to talk to him. When the tanker hits he tells him that the board have suspended him until the GMC make their decision. Jim says he wants to stay and help but Harry says he is not insured and the hospital could be sued if he stays – he must leave immediately.

Harry speaks to the fire-fighters who tell him the building has to be evacuated due to structural damage from the impact. Patients are taken to the nightingale wing, and Connie takes Zoe there to continue the transplant. Her father, Frank is worried but Connie assures him she will finish the operation whatever happens.

A young woman is trapped under the rubble by the tanker. Harry asks Donna to talk to her and reassure her she will be fine. When electric sparks start to go off and the tanker starts to move, Donna becomes scared and runs off leaving the frightened woman, who calls her a coward.

Luke passes a man in the corridor, called Chris who tells him he is ill but Luke says it looks like flu. Later Chris is found vomiting, covered in boils. Tess and Josh quiz him and it transpires he has recently been to Africa – they say he could have an infectious disease. Feeling guilty for his mis-diagnosis Luke takes Chris to the Isolation ward himself.

A man posing as a Drugs Rep, calling himself Jason, coerces Bex to help him get into the pharmacy, pretending he needs to collect a suitcase of medicine. Although the area is being evacuated, Bex falls for his charms and agrees to take him. She realises he has tricked her but it is too late and he becomes violent. She switches her radio on in the hope that someone will hear his threats but he grabs Bex and drags her off.

Shirley gives birth – the baby is mixed race. She realises that he is not Bob’s but a result of a one night stand. Bob is gravely ill and Ric works to save him. He knows he is dying and asks to be taken to see his son. Donna realises the baby is not his and asks a white couple to borrow their baby. Bob is taken over to Shirley and asks to see the baby before he dies. Shirley is about to confess when Donna brings the white baby out. Bob holds him in his arms before passing away. Shirley says she does not want her child and hands him to Rosie. Rosie tells Mubbs that the experience of treating Shirley has opened her eyes. She asks Mubbs to promise he will be there for her. Mubbs says yes but he seems insincere, Rosie realises he has not changed and tells him to forget it. The baby is having breathing problems, Rosie takes him for help. She bumps into Jim who is leaving and asks for his help, he says no but relents when she pleads with him.

Ric and the fire-fighters discover that the tanker is leaking petrol into the basement. Harry tells Connie that the buildings are linked so there could be petrol in the Nightingale wing. Connie decides they will have to evacuate. She tries to take Zoe out but Frank stops her. He grabs a scalpel and holds it to his wife’s neck telling Connie to continue the operation – she does.

In the basement a maintenance man switches the generator off, causing the petrol to explode – fire rips through the building. Rosie and Jim are forced to grab the baby and run to escape the flames and the falling debris. Flames pour out of the windows and explosions go off – a helpless Mubbs watches from below, desperately worried about Rosie.

The story is continued in Holby City S7 E11

Notable Facts

* Rene Zagger plays Bob Smith.

* Nicola Stapleton plays Shirley Smith.

* Freema Agyeman plays Kate Hindley.

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