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Cas Series

S22 E29

S22 E29 (15 Mar 08) : Diamond Dogs by David Bowker

Episode Summary

Charlie returns to Holby ED, much to Marilyn Fox’s displeasure. Welcomed back wholeheartedly by everyone, with a surprise party, Charlie helps to save the day by putting a dangerous man in an arm-lock.

Ruth is still recovering from her suicide attempt and is touched by Maggie’s kindness. Toby’s questioning about the diary pressurises her into discharging herself, but Maggie comes to her rescue and asks her to move in.

Elsewhere, the interviews for Harry’s job are being held. Maggie’s is suddenly brought forward, as Zoe, typically, is running late. Zoe, however, is sitting in a nearby cafe with Sean prepping for the interview.

Curtis, meanwhile, shows another side when he manages to deal with a gang of boys, enabling the paramedic team to tend to a 13-year-old boy.

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