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HC Character

Chloe Godard

Played by Amy Lennox


S21 E5 ‘Mad as Hell’ –

Job Title

Locum specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery

First Words

Chloe (to Dominic) : I sense a presence in you life.

Dominic : I’m sorry?

Chloe : A woman. A powerful woman. Brilliant in many respects, inspirational even, but held back by the shackles of her own bull headed determination. For the assumption that her goals will always be the same as your goals. Your dreams, her dreams.

Dominic : I think you’re mistaking me for someone else


Mother, Ange Godard. Half brother, Dominic Copeland


Quirky, single-minded and confident, Chloe explodes into people’s lives like a lit firework. Coming from a family of medics, Chloe always knew she was going to be a doctor and it’s one of the only causes that she’s been steadfastly dedicated to. Her mum Ange has indulged her, leaving her a little spoilt; her self-belief can intimidate and enrage her colleagues though Chloe is often oblivious to these reactions.

Memorable Moments

  • S21 E39 – Evan’s obsession with Chloe takes a violent turn at a remote cottage

Love Interests

  • Evan Crowhurst
  • Cameron Dunn

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