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Cas Series

S16 E30

S16 E30 (30 Mar 02) : Hearts and Minds by Danny McCahon & David Lane

Episode Summary

Comfort is, at first, frosty with Fin after their previous kiss. On their way to a shout, youths push a buggy infront of their ambulance and throw red paint at their window. As they go to investigate, the youths steal the ambulance, and eventually make off with the defibrillator. Back at the station, Jeff McGuire is not impressed with their actions and threatens them with a disciplinary.

Receptionist Jack returns from his operation – he asks Nikki for a drink, but she refuses.Josh and Nikki are called to Simone, who has collapsed at a nightclub. She tells Simon she had only been drinking, but when her condition deteriorates, Max realises she has also taken drugs. Anna recognises her, as Gilly sold her drugs in the department previously – but Gilly denies knowing her. Spencer is forced to wake up to the facts, when Anna has the police called – and an angry Gilly is taken away.

Michelle Lambert is brought in with Father Kevin, when she is found in a church with unexplained stigmatic bleeding from her hands. While in a cubicle, the team are baffled when she also gets bleeding to her legs. Psychiatric, Robert Hammond, is called. Simon is intrigued to know what happened, wondering if it was self inflicted or if Father Kevin was also involved.

Squash player Claire Evans arrives with a cut above her eye – Simon is surprised to see her as she is his ex, and even more shocked to discover she is engaged to his brother, Stuart. Stuart and Simon make up, meanwhile Claire and Simon share a lingering kiss goodbye outside A&E.

While repairing a puncture, a small girl, Sophie, asks Fin and Comfort to save her rabbit, Ben, who had been shocked with a defibrillator. Fin manages to save the rabbit, and she then shows them the flat where the youths live. Finn gives chase to them, but falls down some steps – they then corner Comfort and threaten to shock her with the defibrillator – Fin manages to get up and save her in time. They then kiss. Back at the station, cleaning their ambulance, they jokingly spray eachother with water and Fin suggests they better get out of their wet clothes. In the locker room, they kiss again.


* Claire Evans – squash player with cut over her eye.

* Michelle Lambert – unexplained stigmatic bleeding to hands and feet.

* Simone – collapsed after taking ecstasy.

First Scene/ wordsLast Scene/ words

Comfort and Finn are getting changed in locker room;

Comfort : You ever wished you worked in a library?

Finn : Um no, far too much excitement for me!

Comfort : That’s a bad thing right?

Finn : No I like what’s bad for me! (they kiss again)

Notable Facts

* Justin Pierre plays Stuart Kaminski.

* Sam Loggin plays Claire Evans.

* Rhian Grundy plays Simone.

* Richard Hawley plays Father Kevin Crawley

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