S9 E21

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S9 E21 (4 Mar 95) : Exiles by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Baz starts work as Locum Senior Registrar; Charlie finds he has mixed emotions about her return, and their previous history causes some gossiping amongst the staff.

Rachel tells Charlie about her recent relationship with Mike, he says he knew they were an item. When she tells Kate however, she is surprised.

Talkative Liz asks Josh about how she is progressing as a technician.

Making his escape after a bungled attempt to rob an off licence, Niall is impaled on a spike wall as he scrambles over a wall. He has serious stomach wounds, but refuses to go to hospital. His girlfriend, Marie, rings Holby for help. Charlie gains her trust and eventually is able to direct the paramedics to where Niall is hiding.

Canadian ice-hockey player Russ Koprowski arrives at Holby after being injured in a scuffle on the ice. His estranged wife, Meg, turns up at the hospital, intent on taking their son away from Russ and back to Canada. Eventually Russ decides to quit ice-hockey and try to make amends on their marriage.

Eddie and Baz treat Wendy Hodges, who has collapsed at a lecture hall. Eddie suspects she is suffering from Gwym Barrie.


* Russ Koprowski – injured during ice hockey scuffle.

* Niall – stomach injury.

* Wendy Hodges – Gwym Barrie.

First Words/ scene

Charlie steps out of lift;

Adam : Good meeting Charlie?

Charlie : Yeah, breathtaking! (sees a load of paperwork in his office, Matt enters)

Matt : Charlie?

Charlie : Yeah what?

Matt : Sorry (hands him more paperwork)

Charlie : Thanks (sees Matt’s new hair cut) Did you get his name?

Last Words/ scene

Baz : Alright?

Charlei : Yeah fine, I’ve had a great night, I love this job!

Baz : No, I mean with me and you, hasn’t been a problem has it?

Charlie : Not with me it hasn’t, it’s like it never was

Baz : As you say, like it never was. (Baz walks off)

Memorable Quotes

Charlie takes the paramedics to meet Marie;

Josh : So do you know this girl we’re going to meet?

Charlie : No, it’s just another one of those cases that goes towards my OBE!

Notable Facts

* Matt has a new short haircut.

* The Holby ice hockey team are called Holby Hunters.

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