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HC Past Series

S11 E50

S11 E50 (29 Sep 09) : The Cost of Loving by Cameron McAllister

Episode Summary

Faye is determined to win over Joseph, but when Archie falls ill and is admitted to Holby her priorities shift.While Joseph confronts Linden about kissing Faye on Joseph and Faye’s wedding day, Elliot takes control of Archie’s treatment and saves his life in theatre.

It’s Penny’s first day on Darwin Ward and Jac is determined to prove that she’s a team player – she wants to become Connie’s right-hand woman on her robotics project. When a high-profile patient creates media interest, however, she fears that her whistle-blowing antics will come back and bite her.

Meanwhile, Ric tells Maria that her scans confirm what they had feared – she will be paralysed. There is only one option available to Maria – a very risky operation with a 50 per cent mortality rate. Maria wants to protect her parents from the reality of the situation, but learns that it’s better to be honest and inclusive if she wants people’s support.

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