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Cas Series

S17 E07

S17 E7 (26 Oct 02) : Ties That Bind by Ann Marie di Mambro

Episode Summary

Roxy wakes up to the realisation of what she has done – leaving Nicole in a shop overnight. After getting Anna to call in sick for her, in a state she phones the Samaritans – Dillon picks up on the other end. Roxy tells him everything and when she says she’s a nurse, Dillon realises who she is and admits he is a nurse too. Panicked Roxy slams the phone down and rushes back to the shop changing room and finds Nicole is still there. However once back home, Nicole has a fit and Roxy is forced to take her into A&E. Harry diagnoses Nicole with an ear infection and dehydration. Dillon tries to talk Roxy into seeking help.

Simon is nursing a bruised head after his ruck with Dillon. Harry and Charlie give both Simon and Dillon warnings. Simon tells Heather they will have to cool their relationship at work to which she tells him there is no relationship and she was only after some fun.

Nikki attends a photo shoot for a national newspaper.

Josh is still cold towards Colette. Colette tells Simon about her marriage problems and Josh is furious when Simon confronts him about them.

Bouncer Darren is brought in with an infected arm bite. He arrives with club owner, Eddie Vincent. After being treated, Darren collapses in pain in reception – he is found to have internal injuries after being beaten. While in Resus, Tony takes Eddie to the relatives room – Eddie doesn’t recognise him. Eddie is his estranged Dad. When Jack finds out, he wants to know all about his father but Tony tries to warn him away from him. But after shift, Jack goes for a drink with Eddie.

In town, an old lady Marsalli falls down some steps. Security Guard Ryan, who’s out shopping nearby, helps her and offers to go in the ambulance with her. Duffy and Heather treat Marsalli and Heather confuses her Gaelic language for speaking nonsense. Her daughter Catriona visits her after she suffers a stroke and is forced to come to terms with her increasing illness and wish to return to her native homeland. Duffy is angered by Heather’s attitude and calls her a heartless #####.

Duffy turns down dinner with Ryan, but he offers to give her a lift to see Lara, whose birthday it is, in prison. Lara has had a bad day – she is forced by inmates to treat prisoner Amber with a dislocated shoulder. Duffy is dismayed when she sees the state of Lara, who now doesn’t want to go ahead with the appeal. Duffy feels she needs to get Melanie Collier to help.

In the car, Ryan tries to kiss Duffy and tells her life is too short. Duffy agrees and returns the kiss.


* Darren Yates – infected arm bite and internal injuries

* Marsalli Macrell – embolic stroke and pelvis injury

* Baby Nicole – ear infection and dehydration

* Elsie – old lady fallen in nursing home

* Amber – treated for dislocated shoulder in prison by Lara

First Scene/ words

In morning, Roxy wakes and sees cot empty.

Anna : Hey Roxy, you better move it, Roxy! Come on you better get a move on. (sees her) State of you!

Roxy : Tell Charlie I’m not coming in, I don’t feel well

Anna : Like he’ll buy that

Roxy : Just tell him Anna

Last Scene/ words

In office, Charlie, Dillon and Roxy;

Charlie : An Emergency Department is no place for someone who’s that close to the edge

Roxy : What are you saying?

Charlie : I’m really sorry Roxanne, I’m placing you on special leave for a week, give us time to sort this out.

Roxy : There’s nothing to sort out, I told you everything’s fine now

Charlie : I wish there was another way. We’re going to have to look at your position in this department.

Notable Facts

* Philip Martin Brown plays Eddie Vincent

* Eddie left Tony and Jack when Tony was 7 yrs old

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