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Cas Series

S24 E31

S24 E31 (3 Apr 10) : Love Of A Good Man by Martin Jameson

Episode Summary

Stephanie Beacham checks into Holby City hospital playing a feisty feminist who’s unlucky in love.Fiercely independent Monica (Beacham) is rushed into the ED after sustaining an electric shock when changing a light fitting. She’s happy to be treated by Ruth but is scathing of the young doctor’s need for approval from her male superiors. Refusing help from her long-time admirer, Jerry – who also received an electric shock – Monica is reluctant to admit she’s in pain. But is it too late for Monica to let Jerry know that she does appreciate him after all?

Elsewhere, Yuki is distraught over the botched intubation and not entirely sure he was to blame. He is anxious to get to the bottom of events. Overcome with guilt, May confesses to him that she was actually at fault. Shocked that she lied to him, Yuki nevertheless agrees to stand by her and sacrifice his career while she owns up to Jordan. May has to decide whether to confess all to the senior medic or sacrifice friendship for ambition once more.

Meanwhile, Jay’s future is still on the line over the clinical trial incident. When the lost medical notes which could clear him finally turn up at the ED, Fairfax gets to them first and tells Ruth that the notes prove Jay is at fault and, for Jay’s sake, it’s best that he doesn’t see them. A distracted Ruth concurs. At the incident review Henry says that, without the notes, the case is still inconclusive but Ruth’s subsequent outburst is quashed by Fairfax. Highly suspicious, Jay vows to find out the truth.

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