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Cas Series

S14 E06

S14 E6 (16 Oct 99) : Lost Souls by Andrew Rattenbury

Episode Summary

Duffy complains to Max that her car’s being stupid. Max offers to look at it, saying he’s good with cars, but then calls a mechanic instead. He later gives Duffy her keys back, saying she owes him a drink. Duffy goes along with this for a while but then tells him she knows he got a mechanic to do it.

Sean tells Tina he wants to say he’s sorry for messing up and acting like a complete prat; Tina just says, “Well you’ve said it.” Chloe tries to persuade Holly to come clubbing; Holly isn’t keen.

Mike Brandscombe, a paramedic, can’t stop yawning. He tells Duffy his kids are keeping him up. He later tells Josh he can’t go for a drink because of the kids, saying it’s been a bit hectic lately.

Katie and Drew are two runaways who left home three years ago and are currently squatting. Drew has a van with which he delivers things to earn some money, aiming to get a flat for himself and Katie; Katie is disappointed they haven’t already got a flat. They are giving Ronan and Kwame a lift; Ronan wants to light a cigarette but Drew tells him not to as there’s all sorts of stuff in the back of the van. Ronan ignores him and waves a match around, winding him up. The match burns down and he drops it; the van floor goes up in flames. Drew stops the van and he and Katie get out and try to open up the back to get Ronan out; Kwame manages to climb out of the front, then runs off. The doors stick but eventually Katie and Drew get them open and get Ronan out. All three are taken to Holby A&E. Ronan is badly injured and is later taken to the burns unit; Katie and Drew have burned their hands. Drew goes to see Katie and tells her he’s sorry for the last six months; she says she wants to move on. Drew leavesDouglas and Maggie (Katie’s dad and Drew’s mum) are on the streets of Holby handing out leaflets, looking for Katie and Drew. They have been doing this every weekend since the pair disappeared. They eventually get on the trail.

They show a leaflet to Kwame and Douglas realises he knows Drew but Kwame won’t tell him anything. Douglas chases him and Kwame runs straight into the path of an HGV. Kwame is taken to A&E; Douglas and Maggie go with him. In reception, Douglas has a panic attack. Adam is passing and grabs someone’s paper bag and makes him breathe into it. He takes Douglas to the relatives’ room. Katie has seen all this and follows them in; she hugs Douglas. Maggie sees Kwame and asks him to tell her where Drew is; eventually he does so. Katie tells her dad she can’t go back home, but promises to keep in touch. She leaves and goes to the phone to tell Drew that Maggie knows where they live.

Holly tells Maggie that she used to work with the homeless before she trained. She isn’t sure that it’s a good idea for Maggie to go after Drew but goes with her to the address Kwame gave her. They find the squat but Drew and Katie’s room has been emptied of all their stuff.

Duffy sees what Adam did for Douglas; she tells him he did well but says there’s a difference between helping out like that and being a full-time member of staff.

Eve’s friend Gerry collapses at the Mission and is brought into A&E by Penny and Josh. His cancer has spread and he is dying; he asks Sean how long he’s got. Sean says he doesn’t know; he tells Duffy it could be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Eve stays with Gerry; she is extremely upset. Gerry says he’s glad she’s with him, and tells her that he would never have started the Mission if it hadn’t been for her. He is in a great deal of pain and is short of breath; Sean prescribes some morphine to last a while, but Eve, seeing the amount of pain Gerry is in, injects it all in just a short while. She holds him to her as he dies, telling him not to fight it.

Later a woman arrives in reception asking for Eve; it turns out she is Gerry’s sister. Eve did not know he had a sister; his sister says that it split up the family when he went into the church. She says she always thought she’d have the chance to be reconciled.

Eve tells Sean what she did; he tells her no-one can blame her for wanting to relieve his pain but Eve says she can. She says she shouldn’t have done it to him as he was a man of God. She takes Gerry’s sister to the chapel to see him. She thanks Eve for all she’s done; Eve closes the door to leave her alone with him, then goes down the corridor, leans against a wall then collapses to the floor, sobbing.


– Gerry Talbot, a friend of Eve’s suffering from cancer, has collapsed and dies in hospital

– Ronan, a young man that gets bad burns after lighting a cigarette inside a van

– Katie, a girl that has run away from home three years ago, minor burns to hands

– Drew, Katie’s boyfriend, burns to hands

– Kwame, a boy that fractures his right leg after Katie’s father has chased him

– Terry Leeming, muscle sprain in his back after falling from a ladder

First Scene/words

[Holly, Eve and one of the paramedics, Mike Branscombe are in a cubicle with a patient.]

Holly: How far did he fall from the ladder?

Mike: Only about four feet. I told you before, you’re better off keeping still.

Holly: Okay, let’s give him a log roll.

Terry Leeming: Don’t move me!

Mike: Okay, it’s my shout. After three, one two three.

Holly: Mr Leeming, just relax please.

Last Scene/words

[Eve leaves Gerry’s sister in the hospital chapel and runs down the corridors, before collapsing on the floor, sobbing.]

Review by Alison & Karin.


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