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Cas Series

5.10 Big Boys Don’t Cry – 9/11/90

s5e10S5 E10 (9 Nov 90) : Big Boys Don’t Cry by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Paramedics Josh and Lily, arrive at a farmhouse and find an elderly man already dead, and his crazed son, Stan, threatening them with a meat cleaver. They pretend he is alive, put him in the ambulance and speed off, with Stan chasing behind them. Later Stan arrives at A&E, menacing at Jimmy and smashes the front doors, receiving glass cuts. The police bring him back in to stitch his wounds. He tells Beth he didn’t mean to hit his father.

Schoolboy, Miles Philpott, who’s being bullied, goes to the PE shed and hangs himself. His only friend, Brian, finds him and calls the alarm. The team battle to save him, while his parents, Frank and Thelma, argue about not realising the severity of his bullying and Ash comforts Brian and persuades him to speak out about his bullies.

Greek parents, Eleni and Michaelis bring in their young baby, Vassiliki, in with a broken leg – it’s not the first time she’s been in. Pediatrician, Esther MaCauley arrives and abruptly calls a case of mistreatment, however Beth disagrees believing it’s brittle bones. Julian tells Esther has more experience, but behind her back, with Tony’s encouragement, she gets a second opinion – Beth is proved right.

Megan is planning a week in Snowdonia with Tony, but during the shift, his wife, Eileen, turns up and tells her they are still leading an active married life. Megan is shocked, and confronts Tony. He apologises and even insists they still go away together – Megan cannot believe his nerve.


* Old man killed by his son, Stan.

* Stan – brought in later by police with cuts on face from when he smashed the A&E windows.

* Vassiliki – Greek baby girl thought to have been abused, found to have brittle bones.

* Miles Philpott – 12 year old schoolboy hangs himself after being bullied – spends night in ITU.

First Scene/words

Ambulance going through woods to call out;

Lily : That’ll be it (pointing at house, dogs bark, Stan steps out) What’s the problem, can we help?

Stan : It’s my Dad.

Josh : OK mate, show us where he is.

Stan : Make sure you get him out alive, right.

Josh : Listen there’s no need OK.. take it easy… we’ll sort him out, through there is he?

Stan : Yeah.

Last Scene/words

Megan : I’m sorry, you’re not still suggesting we still go away for the weekend?!

Tony : I mean come on, we’ve both taken time off. Either way I’m going to get it in the neck from Eileen. (Megan shoves bag in his face)

Notable Facts

* Tessa Peake-Jones (Only Fools and Horses) plays Esther MaCauley.

* Dearbhla Molloy plays Eileen Walker.

* Beth has been qualified two years.

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