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HC Past Series

S8 E17

Episode Summary

Diane is back at work but there’s still friction between her and Jac. Ric tells Diane that she should apply for the upcoming Consultants post, but says she has too much on her plate. Ric later suggests the position to Jac, who is obviously keen to get the job.

There is a new face on the wards; Agency Nurse Kyla. She annoys staff when she takes a break from work (to pick up her son Max from school) however Ric is impressed with her nursing skills and tries to persuade her to apply for the Acting Sister’s position. Kyla is unsure but feels the job may provide her son with some stability in his life.

A fireman, Dave, is brought in after rescuing a woman, Rae, from her burning house. Rae admits to Kyla that she started the fire on purpose; a year ago her mother commit suicide in the house and it held bad memories for her. Rae refuses to be operated on because she feels to blame for Dave’s injuries. Kyla’s unorthodox methods get Rae into theatre.

Meanwhile, Diane treats Dave who suffers abdomen pains and internal bleeding. His wife, with their young baby, arrives and feels deserted by him working so much. Diane also discovers he has a pulmonary embolism. Dave also admits it was infact Rae that helped him out of the house when his leg gave way. Jac and Diane operate on Dave in theatre. Jac takes over and claims to know how to do the procedure however they argue when Diane discovers she is lying. Diane takes over and successfully completes the procedure but, to her annoyance, Jac takes credit for her work. After later talking with Ric, Diane realises he still wants her to apply for the job and she agrees to.

Ryan and Ben Baker are back in the department, when Ben is thrown into a canal by bullies. [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] again gets involved in their case and tries to persuade their mother to go to the police. The team remove a clot from Ben’s brain, however after the operation, Ben arrests and dies. Ryan blames Mark.


* Rae Hollins – burns, toxic fumes.

* Dave – internal bleeding, pulmonary embolism.

* Ben Baker – blood clot, dies.

Notable Facts

* Alicia Eyo (Bad Girls) plays Rae.

* ‘Heart of Glass’ by Blondie plays in Diane’s car.

* Diane gets increasingly annoyed that Jac keeps calling her Di, explaining when she was at school people called her Lady Di. ‘What and you’re no lady?’ says Jac. ‘More of a Princess?’

* Both Diane and Kyla turn down the chance of new positions when Ric suggests it to them. ‘Doesn’t anyone around here want a job?’ he says.

* Of Kyla, Jac says ‘Definitely star material.. unless she’s on a break’.

* Jac is confident of getting the new post, ‘In a couple of weeks, I’ll probably be a consultant anyway,’ she says to Diane.

* Diane is furious with jac when she takes credit for her work, ‘I can’t believe you took credit for that,’ she tells her. Jac replies, ‘Why, you weren’t going to!’

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