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Cas Series

S11 E20

S11 E20 (25 Jan 97) : Treasure by Lisa Evans

Episode Summary

Andy McKenzie has been made redundant and he is spending his days helping his neighbours with various things. He is cleaning up some old junk from his neighbour’s well when all in sudden the well collapses. The accident looks nasty and he fractures his right leg in two places and cracks a rib. His wife comes into hospital and accuses him of playing benefactor by helping all their neighbours and not wanting them to pay him for it, but she has found out that he has found some expensive old things in the wells and sold them, without telling the owners how much the things actually were worth.

Liz and Josh get a call and are shocked when they realise that they are asked to go to a fire at Josh’s house. His both children, Sarah and Ashley, and his wife Helen had been at home and an explosive fire had started when Helen put the water on to get some tea. Liz is trying to drive as fast as she can and Josh is shouting, out of the window, for everyone to give way and asking Liz to drive faster. When they arrive at Josh’s house, it is all on fire and the fire brigade bring out Helen and Ash, both dead. Eventually they bring out Sarah, who was upstairs and she is still alive, but badly burnt. Liz and Penny bring her into A&E, with Josh sitting next to Sarah. The staff are upset when they hear that Josh’s daughter is being brought in and that his wife and son have died. The team tries to save Sarah, but she has got bad burns covering about thirty percent of her body and soon she goes into DF and even though they try to resuscitate her, Baz eventually says that they should stop as they cannot do anything anymore. Josh storms off to the staff room, where Liz is trying to make him some tea. Everyone is upset and crying and Baz tells Richard that it feels bad not being able to tell Josh that Sarah died peacefully, because he knows that she was in a lot of pain.

Matt hands in his resignation, saying that he has got enough and needs a break. He is planning to leave for Crete to work in a bar and Jude is upset when she hears about this. David Rossi, a policeman that Kate has been meeting every now and then, comes to talk to Kate. Sam recognises him from a gay bar where Sam is going and mentions this to him, saying that he should not misguide Kate. Later on, when David asks Kate if she wants to go to a concert with him, she says that she does not want him to get the wrong ideas, because she wants them just to be friends and David says that is exactly what he wants them to be as well.

Joan Hughes is an old woman, who has injured her leg when the ceiling fell in on her. She is waiting in reception, sitting next to Walker Bennett, a young man who has cut his finger and also says that there must be something else wrong with him, but that no one believes him. Joan is constantly talking, telling Walker stories about her family and about everyone in EastEnders, acting as if the characters there were part of her family. She also says that she recognises his symptoms, but she cannot remember from where. Eventually she realises that a man in the outback in ‘Flying Doctors’ had the same symptoms and she tells Gloria that Walker has a central nervous disease. At first no one is listening to him, but then Gloria and Richard realise that she might be right. Joan, however, also manages to upset Baz by asking if “that male nurse” is working, referring to Charlie and an article there was about him in the newspaper. Baz asks Kate why everything is going wrong for them and says that the only good thing that has happened is her mother no longer staying with them.


* Sarah Griffiths, Josh’s 16-year-old daughter, 30% burns on her body, dies.

* Andy McKenzie, a man who is cleaning up someone’s old well, when it collapses on him.

* Joan Hughes, and old woman who has hurt her leg when the ceiling fell in on her, constantly talking about characters in soaps.

* Walker Bennett, has got a cut in his finger and is feeling unwell, but his GP says there is nothing wrong with him. Gets diagnosed with central nervous disease.

* Atia Dillon, random patient who has injured her leg when coming off a motorbike.

First Scene/words

[Jayne Bazeley is making a painting on a wall in A&E.]

Kate: How’s it going?

Jayne: Fine, I haven’t dropped any pots on anyone yet.

Kate: Listen, do you want a cup of tea next time I pass?

Jayne: Please.

Kate: Milk, no sugar?

Jayne: Thank you.

[Kate leaves and Jayne starts talking to Matt, who is downstairs in reception.]

Jayne: Cheer up Matt! You might get time off for good behaviour.

Matt: Not enough.

Last Scene/words

[Liz goes to check where Josh is and she finds him cleaning up the ambulance.]

Liz: Josh? Josh, what are you doing?

Josh: Checking everything’s okay.

[Josh continues cleaning up the ambulance. Liz is looking at him and then she starts crying.]

Notable Facts

* Josh’s address is 93 Norwood Lane.

* Josh’s daughter, Sarah, is played by Ellie Beaven (Sarah in Down to Earth)

* Miles Anderson (Terry Fox in Holby City) plays Andy McKenzie.

* Ellie Haddington (Josie Clarke in Coronation Street) plays Lotty McKenzie.

Review by Karin.


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