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Cas Series

4.11 Banking for Beginners – 24/11/89

s4e11S4 E11 (24 Nov 89) : Banking for Beginners by Bryan Elsley

Episode Summary

Alex lunches with a friend, Jonathan, who offers to double her pay with a job in banking. She says she will think about it. As she is about to leave, a man collapses on the next table. She resuscitates him and takes him to Queens, but he dies. Duffy snaps at her for being later for her shift, until she explains. With Charlie away, Duffy is stressed, management have cut their agency budget, so they don’t have enough staff.

An old lady, Mrs Calthan, is brought in with a broken hip from falling. Jimmy suspects her daughter, Mary, has pushed her downstairs, and tries to tell Lucy, but she dismisses it believing the old lady is senile. It is not until Mary pushes her off her cubicle bed, pushing Duffy and cutting her face in the process, that they realise she is the demented one. Jimmy is annoyed no-one takes him seriously, he confides in Alex that he is thinking of training to be a nurse.

Valerie has overslept, and rushes to leave the house for a budget meeting, she notices the house opposite of an elderly neighbour, Mrs Willis – but is too busy to check on her. A Social Worker, Jane Locke, decides to visit her on a hunch, and finds her with hypothermia collapsed on her living room floor. She later has a cardiac arrest.

A professional footballer for Holby Athletic, John Redpath, injures his leg during a match. He has a drinking problem and doesn’t realise his playing days are over – but his wife, Tamara, does – and that their marriage is too and kicks him where it hurts.

And Alex treats Dennis McGleary with a septic finger – and he asks her on a date.


* Mrs Caltham – elderly lady is pushed downstairs by her senile daughter, Mary.

* John Redpath – footballer with injured leg.

* Mrs Willis – elderly neighbour of Valerie, collapses at home with hypothermia, arrests in CRASH.

* Dennis McGleary – septic finger.

* Man at restaurant, where Alex was, collapses and dies at Queens Hospital.

* Cyclist – fell off bike.

* Derek Geason – face injury.

First Scene/words

Raining, in house Mrs Willis is sleeping, her window is broken/ phone rings at Valerie’s house, she has overslept/ restaurant;

Jonathan: Well, have you had any time to think?

Alex: I didn’t think it was serious.

Jonathan: Of course I’m serious, this is a wonderful opportunity for you. Promotions a dead cert.

Last Scene/words

Mrs Willis arrests;

Lucy : What’s happened? (murmuring between CRASH staff – Valerie walks out through department, Duffy sees her, she gets into car and cries)

Notable Facts

* Barbara Marten (Eve Montgomery) plays Geordie Tamara Redpath ‘Miss Gateshead ’74’.

* Caroline Quentin plays Social Worker, Jane Locke.

* Alex smokes.

* Jimmy’s been given a new porter uniform.

* Valerie lives at No.15.

* Valerie’s white car has a sticker on back ‘I love unleaded. Can you?’

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