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Cas Series

S19 E39

S19 E39 (11 Jun 05) : Baby Love by Peter Lloyd

Episode Summary

Claire tries to talk to Bex but she refuses to talk to her. Claire then tries to talk to Luke, she defends Pete saying that he is not a rapist and he simply misread the signals but Luke says she is deluded. Feeling ostracised and needing to speak to someone who believes in Pete she goes to see his ex-girlfriend Zoe at her house. Claire tells Zoe that Pete has been accused of rape. Zoe breaks down and reveals that he also attacked her. A mortified Claire breaks the news to Luke. She leaves work and rushes off to confront Pete at home. She tells him she wants nothing more to do with him saying ‘You’re no brother of mine, not anymore!’. Pete turns up at Bex’s house and forces his way inside. He threatens to make her pay for ruining his life and leaves her a terrified quivering wreck on the floor.

Irene and Stan come in, Stan’s condition is worsening and he no longer recognises his daughter Maggie. Later Stan goes missing and is found on the street with an injured hand. Irene tells Maggie she cannot cope with him anymore.

Josh is called to a house to treat a baby that is unwell. Whilst holding baby Abby he trips and falls. Abby is rushed to hospital but dies. The parents, Martin and Lynsey, blame Josh for killing Abby. Josh worries to Maggie that he harmed Abby but Maggie tells him there were no signs of injury. An investigation into Josh’s conduct begins. Martin confronts Josh, calling him a killer but then admits he had been drinking and had taken Abby to bed. When he awoke he realised he had smothered her. Josh is relieved to know it was not his fault.

Angry to learn his colleague, Nathan, has been having an affair with his teenage daughter, Dee, George angrily shakes Nathan from a ladder and they end up being electrocuted from an overhead cable. George has minor burns but Nathan’s injuries are more severe and needs short term kidney dialysis. Dee wants to stand by Nathan, but behind her back George threatens to take Nathan down with him unless he ends his relationship with Dee.

Two cars are involved in a smash. Driver, Anton, escapes with a hurt thumb meanwhile the other driver, Bella, who is 15 weeks pregnant has a neck injury. At hospital, Anton asks Bella out for a drink, but Guppy learns he caused the crash on purpose as it was his trick to ‘pull women’ and reveals the truth to Bella.

A boy, Dominic, is brought in after injuring his arm whilst on a scooter. Later his twin, Julian, also comes in with the same injury.


* Abby – baby dies after being accidentally smothered.

* Nathan Simmonds – electrocuted and falls 20ft from a ladder.

* George Naseby – minor burns.

* Anton Koch – thumb injury after car accident.

* Bella Abbott – neck injury after car accident.

* Twins Dominic and Julian – both injured seperately after hurting arm whilst on scooter.

First Scene/words

[Josh arrives on a motorcycle. He takes his helmet off, takes his bag and walks towards a flat. A man with a baby in his arms comes to meet him]

There was a pulse! She wasn’t breathing but I just felt a pulse!

Josh: Okay, let me look. [he takes the baby into his arms] Where is the light? [he trips over some beer cans and drops the baby]

What are you doing?

Josh: It’s alright, I’ve got her.

You dropped her! You dropped my baby!

Last Scene/words

Bex: Please don’t hurt me again.

[Pete looks around and grabs a cushion]

Bex: What are you doing?

Pete: I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to me.

[Pete throws the cushion at her, while she is screaming]

Pete: Every corner you turn, every door you open, I will be there. Just like now. Again and again and again.

[Pete walks away, leaving Bex crying in the corner]

Notable Facts

* Jack Smethurst plays Stan Powell.

* Rosemary McHale plays Irene Powell

* Graham McTavish plays George Naseby.

* Abs pulls a prank on Tess by falling off scooter and pretending to have hurt his arm.

* Nina pinches Abs’ bum. ‘Wo! That is harrassment!’ jokes Abs.

* Maggie’s children are called Joanne and Jamie.

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