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Cas Series

Casualty @ Holby City – Interactive

Episode Summary

As part of the BBC’s DoNation season, Holby City and Casualty joined forces for a special, interactive episode in which viewers voted to determine the outcome of an organ donation storyline.

A man, Matt, is on his way to a reunion with his estranged parents, Wendy and David, when he is involved in a car accident. After tests confirm Matt is brain-stem dead, the hospital’s donor co-ordinator speaks with his parents and his pregnant wife, Sarah, to ask for their consent for Matt to donate his organs. Sarah is unaware that Matt was on the organ register list, but still doesn’t agree to the donation. However, when she suffers twinges with her baby, it makes her think twice and she tells Abs she know what she must do.

19 year old Lucy, who has cystic fibrosis and a congenital heart condition, collapses in a pub. She has been awaiting a heart and lung transplant. Lucy is desperate to lead a normal life, whilst her overprotective parents urge her transplant co-ordinator to help. She assures them that if a suitable match for Lucy had been found then they would have started proceedings, but stresses that organs have to be given to the most urgent recipient with a matching blood group.

Meanwhile, an old friend of Lisa’s dad, Tony, is brought back into the department after just being discharged. He is seriously ill and in need of a transplant and, as he has the most common blood group, he stands a good chance of finding a match. Tony is hoping for a second chance at life now that he has a new girlfriend, Jean – who proposes to him in the department. But just when it seems he’s getting better, Tony’s heart stops beating. Tess tries to shock him but it doesn’t seem to work. His only hope is an immediate heart transplant.

Viewers vote to give Lucy the transplant – the operation is a success, and Lucy goes on to get the degree she so wanted to achieve. Whilst Tony, who the team managed to resuscitate, didn’t get the transplant. He still got married to Jean but his condition remains serious and he is still on the transplant waiting list.


* Matt Wincock – dies after being involved in car accident.

* Lucy – cystic fibrosis sufferer with congenital heart condition. Gets heart and lung transplant.

* Tony – awaiting heart transplant.

Notable Facts

* Hywel Bennett plays David.

* Annette Badland plays Wendy.

* CASUALTY cast involved in this episode are Abs, Harry, Maggie, Comfort, Luke, Tess, Josh and Nina.

* HOLBY CITY cast involved in this episode are Lisa and Lola.

* 98,800 votes were cast – 65% voted for Lucy and 35% voted for Tony.

* Professor Robert Winston presented the episode.

* References are made to Claire’s death in the previous episode.

* The song ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ played as we saw the outcome of the donation decision.

UK Viewing Figures:

Screencaps : DoNation

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