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Cas Character

Nicole Piper

Played by Sammy T Dobson


S38 E20 ‘Core Wounds’ –

Job Title

ST1 Doctor

First Words

Nicole is seen rushing into the ED for her first shift, when she comes across a baby left outside on his own. Puzzled, she greets the baby.

Nicole: Why are you here?



Nicole comes ready and armed to inject a dose of energy into a room when needed. Her weapons of choice – humour, passion and a big heart, which she wears loud and proud on her sleeve. Her determination has driven her from a working-class upbringing through medical school to become Junior Doctor at Holby ED – one step closer towards her hard fought dream of being a Doctor.

In her first shift, she reveals to Ngozi that she is carrying a surrogate pregnancy.

Memorable Moments

  • S38 E20 – Aswell as discovering a baby left outside the ED on her first shift, she reveals to Ngozi she is a carrying a surrogate pregnancy.
  • S38 E22 – Dylan becomes frustrated with Nicole while training her.

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